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iPhone 3GS

My wife cracked the screen of her (formerly my) first-gen iPhone, and she's eligible for an upgrade, so it looks as though we're going to upgrade her phone to an iPhone 3GS. Which I'll promptly swap for my iPhone 3G… yes, she gets the tech hand-me-downs.

She'll notice the EDGE -> 3G difference. I'll notice… what, exactly? The better camera? I guess that's about it.

Update 12/9: All of my balloons are gone from that Balloon Tracker app. That sucks.

6 Responses to "iPhone 3GS"

  1. You'll notice the bump in processor speed. 🙂 I've had my 3GS since June and although the core experience feels the same, apps load a lot quicker.

  2. Yes. Speed. It's like someone greased the wheels. With lube. And revoked the appropriate natural laws involving friction.

  3. Video recording! the 3GS will do some serious video!

  4. You'll notice the responsiveness and the speed - or no, not exactly. You'll notice how incredibly slow the first-gen iPhone and the 3G feel after using the 3GS for a while...

  5. Speed. You'll see.

  6. Mark me down for "speed" as well. It's crazy how slow the 3G feels now.

    Also, the camera is a nice upgrade. the "tap to focus/meter" bit is nice, and being able to focus closer is a big plus, at least for me. also video. ...and i moved to the 32GB, so the option for more space is nice.

    but it's all about the speed. 🙂