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I'm giving MondoMouse a try. Unfortunately what I'd hoped to do - map my unused "Find" button on my Logitech MX Revolution to a complex sequence of keys - isn't possible because USB Overdrive doesn't seem to have the capability to press modifier keys without pressing, say, the "p" or "l" or other keys ((That, or I haven't figured out how to do it.)).

You see, all too often I have keyboard shortcuts that involve cmd-opt or the like, and it's somewhat annoying to have the window flash and perhaps even move a little when I'm using keyboard shortcuts. Many of the keyboard shortcuts are mapped to buttons on my mouse.

So anyone else using MondoMouse? Thoughts?

Update: The app crashes fairly frequently. Looks like I won't be buying it.

2 Responses to "MondoMouse"

  1. I have an MX Revolution and I use ControllerMate. Does what I want perfectly. Better than perfectly actually- it has logic controls that I use to base the find button on what program I'm in.

  2. I couldn't agree more! In fact, I sent an email to the developer many months ago requesting more flexibility in triggering MondoMouse, but never got a reply. Limiting users exclusively to modifier keys (without any keys that they modify), makes customizing nigh impossible. It severely hampers users from adapting the utility to suit the way they work. I gave up.