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Dragon Speech for iPhone

Love it. Seriously - it does a great job.

But how much more awesome would it be if this were an input mode?

Currently, here's an example workflow.

  1. Take video or picture.
  2. Click "Share" and choose email.
  3. Type in the to: field and maybe even a subject. The video's there already.
  4. Think "awww, shucks, I want to give the background story here too."
  5. Click home button.
  6. Launch Dragon app.
  7. Dictate.
  8. (Edit, maybe.) Copy to clipboard.
  9. Click home button.
  10. Launch Mail again (hopefully your email is still there - it should be.
  11. Paste. (Edit, maybe.)
  12. Send

How awesome would it be to (basically) eliminate steps 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9?

The idea for this post stems from the mention of another app Pastebot, which similarly would be about 100x more useful if it didn't require launching a separate app and which worked in-context like, say, ClipMenu.

One Response to "Dragon Speech for iPhone"

  1. Agree 100%. A few times I've thought, "Hmm, I'll just use Dragon Dictation for this." But then I consider the time I'll spend hopping from program to program and decide to just type away.

    I have a couple friends who use the desktop version extensively. I don't think I could get used to speaking the punctuation, plus I do way too much editing on the fly while I type. But the phone version might be the sweet spot once the workflow becomes a bit more streamlined (we should be hearing about iPhone OS 4.0 in the next month or so, right?).