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Apple for a Pure Windows Portable?

If you had to buy a laptop to run Windows - just Windows, and not even anything particularly high-tech (like games or a CAD program or some high-end video editor or something) - would you buy a MacBook or a non-Apple computer?

I may be in need of a dedicated Windows machine soon.

4 Responses to "Apple for a Pure Windows Portable?"

  1. you get what you pay for.
    You can't get cheaper
    - LED-Screen of decent quality
    - 1066 Frontsidebus
    - long Batterylife
    - usable 4 GB
    than from Apple (990,- € incl. 4 GB)

  2. If the only requirements were to be a laptop and run windows, I wouldn't even consider a MacBook. I'd go for a cheap notebook. We got one last month (for a gift) for $299 plus tax. (A full notebook--not a netbook.)

  3. Why would you consider buying a macbook just to run windows? You sacrifice alot of the battery life (most tests I've seen show the macbooks losing a SIGNIFICANT amount when switching to Win7/Vista) and you have to deal with apple making (crappy) windows drivers.

    Instead, you can pickup a decent midrange Intel based laptop for alot less. An Acer Timeline would get you good portability and good battery life (5-8hrs depending on config) for less than $600. An Asus UL80 would get you amazing battery life (8-12hrs), decent build quality, amazing warranty (1yr accidental two years total) but the screen is somewhat subpar. That'll run you around 800.

    Otherwise you could pickup a used thinkpad for $400-800 that'll do everything you need as well

  4. I just bought a Sony with Blue-ray and all around better specs than a comparable Apple for 800.