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Not as Hard as Hobey Baker

This is funny.

BTW, Hobey Baker died December 21, 1918. Pretty clear to me that Steigy had read something that morning and it stuck in his head, then came out in the waning moments of a lousy, boring game.

A lot of people think he should be fined or even fired, but if I was in charge, I'd call him into my office, shoot the breeze, say "you know, that was funny, but please don't do it again cuz you know how tight people wear their panties these days" and send him on his way. Some people need to lighten up. He didn't even say anything non-factual or derogatory.

One Response to "Not as Hard as Hobey Baker"

  1. I don't understand the controversy. The game was out of hand and he seemed like he was in a sleep deprived state of humor. He knew he shouldn't have said it, he he know he shouldn't have been laughing but it's hard to stop once you've started. It was funny. It's not like the guy died yesterday, or even 50 years ago, it's coming up on a century.