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Can’t Drag in iTunes 9.0.2

I drag from my "Podcasts" playlist in iTunes to my "iTunes DJ" playlist fairly frequently.

Today when trying to do that I noticed that iTunes was preventing me from dragging EVERYTHING on EVERY playlist. The drag doesn't even start.

Dragging works in every other application. I can drag files from the Finder into iTunes. I just can't drag files originating in iTunes. I tried deleting the prefs - that didn't work. I tried using a different mouse too, and disabling all mouse-related add-ons (mostly USB Overdrive). No iPhones were plugged in.

Update: Restarting solved the problem. No idea.

3 Responses to "Can’t Drag in iTunes 9.0.2"

  1. The thing I've been noticing is not being able to drag images in Safari into the Song Edit window to add it as album artwork. I've got to download the image then drag the file in there. I could do it before!

  2. Yeah, Elmak, there were a lot of posts saying that too. That's partly what convinced me to restart the computer - that my problem wasn't particularly widespread so it obviously wasn't a bug or something with a solution.

  3. It's funny, Mac's problems (though few and far between) aren't usually ones that go away by just restarting, like they are for Windows, especially old versions like 95, 98, etc...