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Updating The Sand Trap with a WordPress Theme

I'm updating the blog's design at The Sand Trap today and I've narrowed my choice for the "bones" of the site to two themes: Publication and Marketplace.

I think I like Publication more, but the pros and cons put them both pretty close to each other.

Publication Pros
- Like the postdata
- Like the tabs on the top
- Like the built-in styles

Publication Cons
- Doesn't support widgets (???)
- Would reduce the font size (easy)
- Would need to convert to a white main background (pretty easy)

Marketplace Pros
- Supports Widgets
- Already a white background with a two-tone header/background

Marketplace Cons
- Don't need/want the big images per post (?)
- Don't need/want the bottom stuff
- Font face and size is blech, postdata might not wrap well.

I'm still leaning towards Publication because it seems easy to add widget support. Thoughts?

One Response to "Updating The Sand Trap with a WordPress Theme"

  1. I went with Publication, and the site is mostly done. I'll do some final tweaking later today.