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Rivet Sold to The Little App Factory

RivetYeah, yeah, so I wasn't exactly forthcoming in my previous post, but that's the point: I was trying to hint at something, not come right out and tell everyone.

Rivet - Cynical Peak's software for streaming movies, music, and photos from your Mac to your Xbox 360 and/or PS3 - has been sold and transferred to The Little App Factory. TLAF also makes iRip, RipIt, and Evom, so adding a fourth media-related application will allow TLAF to build a little empire of media-related things. RipIt, in particular, is quite good.

Also, there's a new release: Rivet 2.4. Your registrations will continue to work and Rivet 2.4 updates Sparkle to version 1.5, changes the registration system for new registrations, fixes a bug with piping, and a few other little tweaks. Grab the free update.

Brad and I fully expect The Little App Factory to take good care of Rivet and to grow its functionality.

P.S. And to think, Rivet got its start because I didn't like Connect360 and the company went dormant for months at a time.

4 Responses to "Rivet Sold to The Little App Factory"

  1. May the adoption of your children fare better this time.

  2. [quote comment="56697"]May the adoption of your children fare better this time.[/quote]

    Couldn't possibly be any worse, eh? 🙂

    1. [quote comment="56698"]Couldn't possibly be any worse, eh? :-)[/quote]

      It could *always* be worse.

  3. It should be much better. Due to what happened last time, I carefully vetted the sale and didn't agree to it until assurances were made that I felt comfortable with. Rivet was sold not because we were looking to sell it but because TLAF sought us out and made an offer we couldn't refuse. They really wanted to have the app in their line up and are excited to be working on it.

    I'm also in contact with one of the owners and the new lead engineer almost every day. We have a good plan laid out for moving Rivet forward. I'm extremely confident that they're going to improve upon what we built and that Rivet will continue to be a great product.