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Netflix and the 28-Day Wait

So apparently Netflix is going to wait 28 days before making Warner Brothers movies available to its subscribers:

Netflix's 11 million subscribers will have to wait nearly an extra month to rent the latest movies by Warner Bros.

Under an agreement announced today, Netflix's DVD-by-mail service won't send out Warner Bros.' latest DVD and Blu-ray discs during the first 28 days after they hit the market.

The deal is a first for Netflix. The company expects to reach similar agreements with other major movie studios later this year.

The moratorium will give Warner Bros. a chance to sell more discs to consumers who can't wait to see the studio's latest home releases.

In return for the concession, Netflix will get a discount on Warner Bros. discs. And it'll be able to offer more of the studio's movies and TV shows for subscribers to watch over the Internet.

I'm fine with that. I don't buy DVDs. Not a one - not movies, anyway - and I couldn't care less about waiting a month. My Netflix queue is already two months deep as it is, and if I'm able to get more streaming movies as a result, yippee. I call this a win in that case.

Obviously at some point (60 days?) it'll start to get bothersome, but 28 days? Pfffft. Easy.

One Response to "Netflix and the 28-Day Wait"

  1. Completely agreed. (Notes the Google provided Netflix banner ad at the end of the post.)