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Yawn. The Apple Tablet?

So everyone's predicting we'll see the Apple tablet in about two weeks.


Put me in the pessimist's group all you want, but I don't see myself buying anything that's been predicted thus far. Everything that's been talked about thus far basically guesses that the tablet will be something between an iPhone and a MacBook or MacBook Pro. Why? Is that really a niche? I don't see it as one.

So what if you can read magazines with interactive content on it? A MacBook can do that now.

The only possible thing I might like is a bit of a SuperKindle - a dedicated device for reading things which are presently available primarily or only via dead trees (or recycled dead trees). I have subscriptions to Golf, Golf Digest, Esquire, and a few other magazines that I wouldn't mind getting, minus most of the advertisements and with added features like integrated video or commenting, on a color display. For reading books, the Kindle is fine, but magazines suffer on the Kindle because it's not got a color display. The display would need to be visible in all sorts of light and the device would need to be relatively inexpensive because you'd be paying for the content on top of it.

And, frankly, I don't see that happening. Not even close.

A long time ago I remember wishing for a lightweight tablet that basically acted as a remote display with an on-screen keyboard and touch capabilities. I said such a product would let me keep my centralized "setup" running on my desktop Mac while I wandered the house with the "tablet" and kept up with IMs, emails, etc. while watching TV, reading in bed, etc.

That isn't going to happen either. And it's not necessary anyway: for the most part, my MacBook Pro serves that role via Screen Sharing.

But, look, I'm not Steve Jobs, and there's certainly more than enough room for him to think of something I've not thought of. I'm still leaving open the small possibility that whatever he announces in a fortnight or so will separate my money from my wallet. I just don't think the odds are very good.

2 Responses to "Yawn. The Apple Tablet?"

  1. I've heard it's either going to be a big iPhone or a little Macbook. A small tablet Macbook might be nice but why would anyone want to giant iPhone? They already make small iPhones, why would you need a big one?

  2. I don't think that apple would be making it if it wasn't something different.

    I won't pretend to know WHAT they are doing, or why its going to be so different but I think its going to be.