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Apple Tablet for Magazines

I've been rather… let's go with "blasé" about the Apple Tablet to date.

I own a Kindle and find that it's a perfectly good way to read books. It doesn't need charged frequently because the e-Ink screen sucks up so little power. It's small, light, etc.

But it's not a good way to read anything but books. Not websites, and not… magazines.

If the Apple Tablet will let me convert my subscriptions - to golf magazines, Esquire, Outdoor Photographer, Maxim (I think I'm still subscribed from some ten-year plan I bought for like $39.99… ???), and a few others, I might be up for it.

The things I hate most about magazines are that they're bulky as heck, don't let me copy/paste or "bookmark," can't be easily searched, and are slow to arrive sometimes due to the mail.

If the Apple Tablet does a great job with magazines, I may very well buy one. And I'll probably still keep the Kindle for books.

Update: Meh. Don't want one. Not even at half the price. Seriously.

4 Responses to "Apple Tablet for Magazines"

  1. It'll probably come down in price fairly soon. I'm gonna guess within a year, like the iPhone.

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