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DSLRU Semi-Public Beta Coming February 15

UDSLRIf you'd like to sign up to be considered for inclusion in the semi-public DSLRU beta period, which will begin on February 15, 2010, please head on over to to sign up.

The official site is and will be at, but for now - the old name for the site - has a simple sign-up page.

We're working hard on this and think it's shaping up quite nicely.

Users in this beta will not only get a sneak peek at the site, but we'll ask three things of them primarily: a) point out any bugs you find, b) suggest possible feature enhancements, and c) seed and use the forum with some good topics and discussions.

We don't have well defined plans in place for any sort of "prizes" or "compensation" right now, but we'd like to take care of our "early adopters." It may not be in February or March, but sometime we'd like to thank them - particularly the good ones.