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Chat from Today’s Snoozefest iPad Announcement

I like to host little group chats using the AIM network. Today's was in the "AppleTablet" room. If I had known what was to come I'd have told everyone to join the "ZzzzzzzzzzPad" room or something.

The full entry contains the text from the chat.

Charles: hey

Erik: Hi. Still waiting on my icon but he has another week or two before it's "late". πŸ™‚

Charles: what site do you plan on watching for the announcement?

Erik: i have ars up in Chrome

Erik: i'm annoyed by the sounds though. it's 2 hours away. i don't want the sounds right now.

Erik: but that's the plan right now.

Charles: I'm hoping will have good coverage

Charles: they're in reruns right now though

Daniel: Merry Macmus and Happy Apple Day!

Erik: I have and up too. Unsure if they'll work.

Patrick: So, does anyone think @jason was pulling everyone's leg?

Charles: I'd be willing to bet on it

Damien: sounds like his own personal masturbation list

Patrick: yeah

Charles: that guy is such a duche

Damien: NMD

Patrick: HDTV and PVR? He lost me right there and then it got worse

Damien: New Media Douchebag

Patrick: Farmville?!? *That's* your killer app?

Nemo: says it all really

Erik: nobody believes jason calcanis πŸ˜›

Erik: I'd buy a Tablet (please don't let it be named iPad)

Damien: well some people do, but they don't count

Erik: if...

Erik: I want it for magazine subscriptions.

Erik: Kindle sucks for that, and current "here's a bunch of paper we mailed you" sucks for that.

Patrick: I could see a large potential in magazines

Damien: my vote for the name in order of liklihood:  1) Canvas , 2) iPad,  3) Slate/iSlate, and 4) Tablet

Damien: but maybe I'm completely wrong

Patrick: iPad as a name will get slaughtered

Damien: Slate just sounds too Micosoftian

Nemo: I kinda want iBook to be resurrected, but there's no chance of that

Patrick: too. many. jokes

Erik: it can't be iPad

Erik: PowerBook, baby.

Erik: πŸ™‚

Damien: yeah, I thought about iBook last summer and wrote about it a bit

Patrick: Newton FOREVER!

Erik: Galileo

Damien: but not enough time has passed

Damien: there's still be too much name/brand confusion

Nemo: patrickburleson: even less chance than iBook, Newton wasn't Jobs' child πŸ˜‰

Erik: Introducing…. the Apple Gutenberg

Erik: as revolutionary as the printing press.

Erik: πŸ˜›

Nemo: Plausible.

Erik: (p.s. not that guy in Three Men and a Baby)

Patrick: nemo8686: yeah, but I can dream!

Damien: could still called iPad, despite the obvious jokes

Patrick: Going to bring my Newton 100 in tomorrow and say I have Apple's tablet. πŸ™‚

Damien: remember that many thought iPod was a crappy name

Erik: my eMate 300 is a few feet from my head

Joann: I didn't have one but thought the Newton was cool

Charles: I had a newton 2000, and it was amazing

Nemo: MP130 here

Patrick: oh, the memories. 

Damien: I *still* have a Newton 2000 and it's still amazing

Charles: yeah MP 120 -> 2000

Damien: but it's been retired for years

Patrick: hooking up to the AppleTalk network and printing to the LaserWriter. 

Patrick: anyone remember when apps would offload PS processing to the printer if it was available?

Patrick: PS = PostScript


Erik: I'm surprised Gruber had to write the thing about Flash. Who thinks it'll have Flash? Seriously?

Charles: wow -- apple is letting third parties broadcast from the event

Erik: ? video?

Joann: goody.

Charles: yep -- according to

Patrick: sweet

Daniel: i like the name "Apple Gutenberg"

Charles: maybe I got that wrong

Charles: they're letting them record it

Charles: but maybe not livestream

Daniel: T minus 75 minutes


Erik: So Who Will Benefit?

Textbooks. Guides. Biographies. Novels. Pretty much anything that has previously been offered in book form, but has been handicapped because it was restricted to paper.

Erik: he forgot magazines. I don't care about the other things.

Erik: I can see myself using a Tablet for magazines and a Kindle-type device (my Kindle) for books.

Dave: 092936-engadget_tablet_iphone.jpg

Erik: they have a new, better image

Dave: can u share?


Sean: where is everyone following along at?

Dave: i usually follow along at macrumorslive

Daniel: on books, consider this: it would be neat if the audiobook came with a book, so that you could switch interchangeably between them.  getting in car, switch to audiobook, at home, switch back to reading it.

Patrick: I'm going to go with Ars, Macworld, and Engadget

Charles: and

Joann: I feel like I'm waiting for a NASA launch or something. πŸ˜‰ 

Charles: puglover: that would be amazing

Daniel: joan - we are! πŸ˜€

Daniel: cplater, considering apple, i wouldn't be surprised if we see that.

Patrick: publover: that has been something I've wanted...but you know, with my paper copy. πŸ™‚

Daniel: also, consider something like The Davinci Code - interactive books where you could solve puzzles like what is described in the book.

Erik: i don't want to read books on a glossy screen on a device that lasts a few hours

Erik: reading on an iPhone is bad not just because of the small screen.

Sean: part of me is hoping for a letdown so i don't have to go immediately blow $1000 on one of these.

Erik: (okay, the few hours bit might not be accurate - iPhones last awhile when not using the phone, etc.)

Adam: Nothing's forcing you πŸ™‚

Patrick: Erik: You have more than a couple of hours straight to read a book? Lucky!

Erik: I don't like reading a glossy screen for more than a few minutes

Erik: for a magazine, sure.

Erik: maybe.

Sean: maybe they will have a no backlight reading option?

Erik: glossy sucks in sunlight. i can look at a computer screen but i'm not gonna read a magazine at my desk.

Dave: i also dont like reading on a computer

Dave: just seems wrong

Daniel: i'm really hoping for matte.  glossy just doesn't work for reading.

Dave: if its just a giant iPhone, that will be a let down

Erik: i don't think you can do matte and touchscreen (??)

Dave: there needs to be a massive killer function/feature to it

Erik: you need that glass and oleophobic layer.

Daniel: dave, we will be amazed, i'm sure.

Erik: can OLED displays get dead pixels? πŸ™‚

Zachery: the killer function is that it's a giant whatever-it-needs-to-be-right-now tabula rasa

Erik: or are they resistant to that?

Patrick: I think for Apple to have made the device, they have to have found the major selling point previous tablet failed to find

Patrick: beyond the "wizzbang" kind

Zachery: every tablet before was just trying to present Windows + a little pen-based input software.

Dave: true

Zachery: (or Linux + same) no one was audacious enough to reinvent the UI with fit-to-purpose

Charles: I've been trying to convince myself to buy a windows tablet for about 2 years

Charles: I just can't pull the trigger

Dave: i picture it being a very mobile online device: with the great features being able to access iTunes store, ebook stores, etc. anywhere...more of a mobile shopping centre than the iPhone

Zachery: Honestly, I'll be happy if it's a giant iPod Touch.

Sean: don't forget media

Dave: yeah

Zachery: people will make of it what they want

Dave: like buy movies at iTunes store, etc.

Zachery: "it's the software, stupid."

Erik: if the battery life holds up it'd be a great way to watch movies on a plane

Charles: I does not want a giant ipod touch

Erik: or in the back seat of a car

Zachery: an iPod touch is a general purpose computer that you can put in your pocket.

Erik: people would even sell hooks that attach to the back of the front car seat

Zachery: I want something like that, only larger.

Sean: they gotta have some not-so-obvious functionality that no one is expecting and that will blow everyone away

Daniel: zachery, Windows Mobile is the same thing, which is why it bombed and iPhone is taking off so fast.  Apple gets that they need a new paradigm, so that's what they did I'm sure.

Erik: yeah i don't see "a bigger iPod Touch" as being the way this goes

Dave: they also can't price point it around 1000....why buy the tablet when I can get a full fledged macbook

Sean: that will distinuish it from the iphone, ipods, netbooks, etc

Damien: how about just a decent way to read a magazine digitally?

Erik: that's all i want

Erik: though i just realized it recently

Damien: the Kindle is still B&W for crying out loud

Dave: yeah, the kindle is so ugly

Dave: i can't believe its BW

Erik: i have one

Charles: I wish Apple could have delivered on the Knowledge Navigator concept

Erik: it's great for reading books

Erik: you can't do eInk in color yet

Erik: hell, it's only 16 shades of grey

Zachery: but that's all software

Daniel: cplater, that may be what we see today - knowledge nav

Erik: which is _great_ for reading books. longer things.

Erik: though their mac integration stinks.

Damien: right so why would someone pay X dollars for a B&W version of a magazine like Sports Illustrated

Erik: that's beside the point

Erik: i'm not arguing that Kindle is good for Sports Illustrated. Duh. πŸ˜›

Erik: Kindle is great for books. For everything else it sucks.

Erik: But I don't think a laptop or tablet is great for books. Maybe the tablet will be good for magazines.

Dave: what about it being a large mobile gaming device?

Dave: they really push the games on the iPhone/iPT

Sean: good call, i bet we'll see something along those lines

Adam: I think that's the winner, honestly.  Touch-enabled 10" games πŸ™‚

Damien: but if there was a decent COLOR tablet that could display magazines and newspapers in an exciting way....

Dave: hey warren

Dave: we're chatting about the tablet

Adam: Honestly, I read web pages on my phone and the only thing that bothers me is the size.  This could be a great couch-surfing device.

Krewenki: goddamn tablet

Dave: ideas, concepts, etc.

Dave: picture how vibrant and large webpages would be on that 10" screen

Dave: it would be the coolest way to browse while sitting at a shop, etc.

Erik: uh… smaller than on my 23" screen? πŸ™‚

Erik: and on a 13" laptop

Zachery: imagine all the blue cubes with question marks as your out shopping for cars.

Zachery: you're

Adam: Yes, smaller, but less bulky and just large enough to read clearly.  The sweet spot for casual poking around.

Zachery: stupid car manufacturer websites.

Adam: It's a Reddit machine. πŸ˜‰

Dave: LOL

Sean: maybe it will uspport Flash?

Erik: no

Zachery: I hope not

Sean: lol

Patrick: no

Erik: $800 to $1k for a couch surfing machine?

Patrick: hard to justify for just that purpose

Adam: That's the kicker, tho.

Krewenki: $800 would make it their cheapest portable

Erik: i doubt it'd be a portable though

Damien: I think it'll be $599 or $699

Erik: it's not gonna burn CDs or anything

Damien: and less if there's bundled Verizon, etc.

Krewenki: neither does the macbook air

Adam: Of course, couch surfing is one bit.  Then there's movies in the back seat on car trips (toss the kids the tablet).

Krewenki: but they’ve sold plenty of those

Dave: so is the idea that I am going to have to pay a Cell company in Canada to use this thing?

Erik: yeah, and how well does the air sell? πŸ˜›

Joann: I just don't want another monthly wireless fee.

Erik: air at least runs mac os x.

Patrick: toss the kids a $1K device?

Damien: there may be two of them. One with a bundled data package and one without

Erik: yeah πŸ™‚

Adam: The Air is the new TAM...

Damien: like the iPhone / iPod Touch relationship

Erik: here kids, don't spill your juice on it

Zachery: Lex has my old iPhone.

Charles: I know one thing -- i won't be buying whatever this is at launch

Zachery: he'll get my old iNewtSlate when the next version comes out.

Patrick: My son plays with my iPhone...but I mean, that's a far cry from $1K

Charles: I learned my lesson w/ the iPhone

Adam: As someone here mentioned, I'm sure there will be a third-party seat mount available :p

Adam: Hang it from the head rest or something.

Zachery: cplater944: I was first-gen iPhone, and the utility I got from it outweighed the 2-year wait for the 3GS.

Erik: if the thing does magazines, i just want it to be waterproof.

Erik: πŸ™‚

Adam: Gallon zip-lock, baby.  Works for Kindle.

Zachery: I don't regret it, and I expect not to regret getting the iNewtSlate.

Patrick: I bought iPhone on day one and still think it was worth the $600...otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.

Erik: yeah that feels tacky. I just take the kindle in the tub.

Erik: I'm careful enough not to drop it.

Erik: but it costs less.

Charles: oh, I don't regret it, I just know I can wait

Erik: iNewtSlatePadBook

Adam: I've seen my bank account. I'm quite sure I can wait. πŸ™‚

Zachery: *has never had a problem being an early adopter.*

Patrick: adamknight: exactly!

Adam: *never has a problem letting others be the early adopters. :)*

Zachery: win-win

Adam: bingo

Patrick: I've been an early adopter on lots of stuff...didn't bother me. I just can't afford this thing ATM.

Erik: i have too

Erik: some things i early adopt, others i wait. kindle I waited.

Erik: But I really like Kindle for buying books.

Erik: (though the organization on it sucks - I want folders and things.)

Michael: Howdy iacas. Long time no see. This seems to be working. πŸ™‚

Jeff: I try to early adopt when I have a valid business reason for it, though sometimes the valid business reason is probably just an excuse. :-/

Patrick: Jeff: "Valid Business Reason"...I like that. 

Erik: yeah, jeff

Erik: it helps if you can write it off

Patrick: I can come up with all sorts of "valid business" reasons for the tablet. πŸ™‚

Erik: I wrote off my PS3 and Xbox 360. πŸ™‚

Patrick: Might have to see if my business can buy it 

Zachery: if you're a current iPhone developer, that seems to be enough of a business reason.

Sean: that's my reasoning

Sean: hahah

Patrick: that would be my reasoning 

Jeff: I actually had a valid reason for buying my iPhone 3GS for example - had to make sure the book source code worked on it. If tablet is really based on same OS as iPhone, then I might be able to justify getting one both for the books and for getting contracting work.

Patrick: Need to make sure my apps run well on it

Erik: Yep.

Sean: thoughts on it having a webcam?

Erik: you mean one you can position?

Erik: or one like the iPhone's?

Duke: i hope it has 2 cameras (or one that's dual-facing)

Watling: Front facing surely

Jeff: If Apple does add Magazines to iTunes, wonder if they'll have the same restrictions as the app store, because that would mean a LOT of apps wouldn't be eligible.

Erik: "position" could include one front facing

Sean: one like an iMac's

Erik: what do you mean jeff?

Watling: Apps can have ratings now, printed material could work the same.

Jeff: Well, for example, the app store has a strict no-nudity policy (despite a few apps that have gotten through), but think of all the magazines that, at least occasionally, use nudity - GQ, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Sports Illustrated. Not to even get into "Gentleman's magazines" - just regular magazines have nudity, swear words, etc.

Watling: I like the thought they may release an authoring app

Jeff: Yeah, it just strikes me as odd that there's this divide between the app store and the movie/music store. Why can an unrated Director's cut be sold, but iPhone apps can't have the same material, even if properly rated.

Watling: There are some adult themed apps in store

Jeff: Yeah, find me one with actual nudity comparable to what's available in the movies sold through iTunes. Apple allows adult "themes" and languages, but the nudity ban is strict. Can't figure out why the divide - okay in movies, not in apps seems weird to me.

Erik: Seems to me they might view magazines more like movies.

Erik: or song lyrics.

Patrick: NSFW, if they haven't changed it, check the episode preview for episode one of Season one of The Tudors

Jeff: I agree, I still don't understand why the difference between media and apps. Why an ebook sold through iTunes would have different rules and an eBook sold as an app.

Duke: couldn't they even let a mag publisher rate individual articles, or advertisements within, for age appropriateness?

Erik: how about the ability to buy individual articles or not?

Erik: I'm not sure i'd be up for that.

Jeff: What they could do is another question altogether - the possibilities are endless.

Erik: but then again if I really want an article from a magazine I never want to read otherwise… is it worth $0.99 instead of $4.99 for the issue?

Ring: and who would drive the ads? the publisher or apple?

Ring: what about a free or lower cost but ad-driven magazine and a higher subscription one with no ads

Damien: look, there's a reason why Apple built in a micro-payment system into the App Store. Sure it was so App Devs could start to charge for additional content, but it's larger than that

Erik: don't forget too

Erik: that magazine publishers won't have to pay to print or to mail the things

Damien: remember that Apple has been building a GINORMOUS data center in North Carolina

Erik: so i wonder how much that costs that they could "save" for customers

Damien: which is certainly going to be used for delivery of content for this new tablet

Damien: and possibly also for a digital music locker (a la lala purchase)

Sean: maybe magazines will come as "apps" for the device with a subscription based model?

Dave: that would be neat

Dave: Sports Illustrated app

Dave: full monthly contents when u open

Erik: I don't want that.

Erik: I want to be able to keep back issues and stuff. I want them separate.

Dave: well what about opening the app

Dave: and then seeing the months listed

Dave: click a month to open that issue

Erik: nah

Erik: i want to be able to search and sort and do whatever i want.

Erik: that's forced sorting.

Sean: in app payments to extented subscription, or purchase additional content

Erik: and if you can buy one article from a magazine, etc. I don't think that method would work best either

Jeff: They could do it like the do TV episodes now - it groups them by folders in one view, but leaves them as line items in the library view...

Erik: yeah, that's fine

Erik: they're content, they're not "apps"

Erik: we already have a content model - songs in albums, tv shows in series


Sean: i'm not really interested in the hardware so much

Sean: not gonna be many surprises there

Erik: as light and portable as possible

Erik: that's all i care about

Erik: i mean, in terms of hardware.

Duke: a source says is live from there, but i've not been able to get it to load myself.

John: it's saying off air for me

Erik: is there a thing that lets you ctrl-click a URL and choose what browser to open it in?

Zachery: you can get Choosy

Damien: ChoosyX

Zachery: and make that your default browser

Erik: well i want to do it optionally

Erik: not every time i click.

Erik: but they probably thought of that

Patrick: Erik: Yes, search for Highbrow

Patrick: from Helium foot software

Erik: oh yeah, option key works in choosy

Patrick: Or ChoosyX

Patrick: :_)

Patrick: πŸ™‚

Damien: so no early leaks on the name of this thing?

Erik: iPood

Erik: for reading while you're on the toilet

Erik: plus it leverages the iPod name

Erik: btw, thank you human googles.

Erik: time to get your last trips to the bathroom in. void your bladder and all that. you won't want to move for the next few hours.

Damien: nah, it'll all be over by 2pm-ish

Andrew: Oh no! Lunch! brb...

Damien: EST

Patrick: isn't the schedule 2 hours?

John: 2 hours!!! Mmm much to talk about πŸ™‚

Erik: My family still expects me to fulfill obligations to, y'know, spend time with them this evening. What's up with that??????

Zachery: luckily, my wife wants one more than I do, so I know what we'll be doing tonight.

Patrick: My wife has the same strange expectation.

Patrick: although I joked about it before, if @jason is right and there's Farmville on this thing, we'll have on one day one and it won't be for me.

John: sit by the TV with the laptop and every now and again say "yes" every now and again

Dave: hahaha

Dave: the ol' 'nod and smile'

Erik: we don't watch much tv

Erik: or else that'd work.

Erik: that plan works when the wife calls while she's driving somewhere though.

John: that's the one - just watch out for the - "are you listening to me?"

Erik: i'd never heard of farmville until today. πŸ˜›

Erik: what is it, animal crossing for facebook?

Jeff: Doesn't work for me. My wife throws me with questions like "you're not really listening are you?" or "Are you just agreeing with everything?"

Patrick: My wife asks me specifics about what just happened on the show....

Patrick: especially if we're discussing the happenings on LOST or something.

John: Works for me until I suddenly think "what a minute what's she going about?" then I'm caught red handed

Jeff: Oh, the TV part of it doesn't work for me, we don't watch TV..

Zachery: since we have the kid, the way we watch TV now is each of us has our iPhones and we stream content from the iMac.

John: 10 minutes go folks

Dave: woooop

Erik: apple always starts fashionably late

Erik: y'know, 5 minutes

Dave: damn i wish this was live streaming

Jeff: Hope Steve looks healthy.

Daniel: jeff, no kdding

Joann: amen

Erik: my golf instructor (I may be one in a year, so we talk about these kinds of things) thinks it may be a great tool for on-the-range swing analysis

Joann: Steve likes Dylan. Maybe he'll close the show.

Erik: but you'd have to find a way to get video onto it.

John: Is it definately Steve?

Adam: If anyone could clone himself...

Jeff: No confirmation, I'm just assuming. People will read into it if it's not Steve, will be bad

Erik: 99.999% sure steve is doing this

Joann: We should find out soon.  πŸ™‚ 

Andrew: if it's anything like the last several announcements, it will be Steve as the MC, and then the usual suspects talking about their part.

Zachery: apple store is still up.

Erik: they may not be taking pre-orders today even

Erik: i thought they'd do that even if it shipped in march

Andrew: i think the days of the steve-only announcements are over.  Too much depends on him when they do that.

Erik: too much depends on him?

Jeff: I don't remember very only "Steve only"

Erik: if he's well enough to do it he's proven to be dependable

Jeff: very many

Erik: the higher the steve:others ratio, the better the show

Jeff: Yes, they killed me at WWDC last year with the long trail of 3rd party devs.

Erik: *wishes I could make certain windows "unclosable"*

Erik: I'd set that to the ars page and this chat window

Adam: Anyone know offhand how long it's been since the first iPhone and the AT&T exclusivity deal?  Today would be a good day for Verizon to enter the game...

Erik: that deal was just for the iPhone

Erik: so any new product isn't bound by that

Adam: You've read the contract? πŸ˜€

Adam: You're probably right, though.

Erik: that's what everyone's said

Erik: and it makes sense to me. so believe it however much you want.

Adam: Well, it'd be nice to have a joint announcement so I can get my iPhones off AT&T...

Erik: i don't see that happening

Adam: And you know, actually make calls from my house.  Imagine hat.

Adam: *that

JC: i'm betting that in a year's time, the tablet is the new AppleTV-style "hobby"

Adam: What's an Apple TV?

JC: exactly

Erik: derr said that on twitter i think

JC: <- Derr

Erik: πŸ™‚

Erik: there you go πŸ™‚

Jeff: Steve's on stage

Sean: i couldn't live without my AppleTV

JC: i love my AppleTV

Adam: Apple TV + background processes = Mac Mini.

Adam: MM++

Patrick: Steve!

Zachery: magical!

John: Me too - Apple TV is great

Erik: jacqui hasn't updated.

Jeff: engadget is keeping up well

Erik: k


Zachery: reading that and listening to

Zachery: I can hear Steve-o!

Erik: ah

Patrick: can't get to Twit

JC: eh. i have both a MM and an AppleTV in my entertainment center. i prefer the AppleTV. been thinking of liberating the MM and using it for something else. but it's just a core solo, so it's only other use is as a paper weight.

Erik: what's the twit url?



Jeff: appears to be overloaded, won't load for me

Scott: yeah, me neither

Erik: ya

Jeff: Engadget's live feed is holding up though

Jeff: 140k apps in the store, 3 billion downloaded apps

Erik: *blocks kellyosx. I knew there had to be a reason that username was blocked before.*

Erik: engadget's is impressive so far.

Patrick: engadget is handling it well

Jeff: Steve looks like he's put on a little bit of weight. Not a lot, but still...

Scott: I'm seeing nothing on MacWorld

Erik: he still has that alien head look

Patrick: Ars is a little behind..Macworld seems to be DOA

Jeff: Yes. But at least he looks somewhat better.

Patrick: I thought you blocked kellyosx?

Jeff: Probably only blocks for him

Erik: yeah, me

Erik: i don't control the room.

Patrick: crap, ichat isn't showing them in my participants list...can't block

Erik: larger than everyone, that's… interesting. surprising.

Erik: okay, that was a quick update

Erik: now on to the main thing. probably means it's lengthy.

JC: the best device would be a complete replacement of laptops

Jeff: Ooh, was that the PowerBook 100?

Patrick: LOL

Patrick: the moses slide

Erik: i love how apple denies even wanting to do shit until they do it.

JC: if the device can totally replace a laptop, it could escape AppleTV land.

Jeff: πŸ™‚

Erik: someone wrote the pattern up a few years ago and it keeps holding true

Erik: ebooks mentioned

Erik: it's not hard to do better than browsing the web on your iphone

Erik: or any of those other things.

Jeff: Dangit, what's it going to be called!

Adam: ibook πŸ™‚

JC: shut your whore mouth

Erik: they're just cheap laptops, ha

Erik: netbooks

Jeff: Me??

Erik: wow ars is sucking

Jeff: iPad

Erik: iPad?

JC: now adam with the ibook name πŸ™‚

Erik: where's my hari kari sword

Jeff: Yep, there's the slide. It's iPad

JC: what was it?

Damien: called the iPad

Erik: seriously, pad? my hari kari isn't the only "bloodshed" joke

JC: blah

Patrick: ok, comedians now will have a field day

Joann: iPad. Really.

Scott: really calling it the iPad! OMG

Erik: it's got a silver metal backing

Jeff: It's running Springboard

Erik: good pictures on gdgt

John: the big question is will the iPad redefine the netbook arena - of course!!!

Jeff: a new version of Springboard, but...

Erik: little apps

Erik: see what whole page?

Erik: the whole web page?

Erik: yeah that's what he meant i guess

Jeff: Surprise the bezel is so large.

Jeff: Sorry, not bezel, border

Erik: that's that is odd

Joann: pretty.

Ring: yeah that is what I thought as well

Jeff: Place for fingers?

Scott: Border's probably big to hold on to

Adam: My bank account is safe.

Erik: you can hold it under it

Erik: google maps. so far yawn.

Erik: bigger iPod Touch.

Jeff: Not sure about that keyboard at all

Erik: if we can make phone calls from it, it'll be just like the EARLY cell phones

Erik: they were bricks too

John: merging iPhone and desktop is going to be crucial - it's looking good so far

Scott: windows at different layers!

Erik: the keyboard looks dumb.

JC: there needs to be a killer app. just being a better iPod Touch isn't enough.

Erik: that looks like a cover flow view

Jeff: Surfing dog? That's it, I'm buying one.

Erik: not really separate windows, kinda

Erik: (my guess)

Jeff: Screen resolution doens't look very high if those are standard Mac OS X control elements (may not be)

Erik: they have to be touchable

Erik: so i can see them being larger

Jeff: Yeah, that occured to me while I was typing

Erik: he's sitting in the chair. oh brother.

Jeff: Steve sitting for a presentation seems weird

JC: it better be cheap as shit if that's all it does.

Adam: And no flash.  Perfect. πŸ™‚

Jeff: Beautiful.

Adam: apple-creation-0128-rm-eng.jpg

Jeff: Flash! We hatess it, my precious.

Erik: so, yeah, yawn so far.

Zachery: I'm in serious crush.

Erik: that's good or bad?

Patrick: it's certainly a beautiful device

Jeff: Solid, but not earth shattering so far..

JC: yeah

Erik: iPod Touch+ so far

Adam: iPod Touch HD. πŸ™‚

Erik: ha

Erik: not using thumbs?

Erik: yeah, but does it support dvorak!?!? πŸ™‚ j/k


Jeff: That's not Scott Forstall's real e-mail addy?

JC: actually, i just abandoned DV this week πŸ™

Jeff: πŸ™‚

Adam: As a developer, all I see is that it's using some iPhone widgets and some Mac OS X widgets, and my head is scrambled.

Adam: Jer: Lies.

JC: I did.

Adam: You'll be back.

Patrick: I doubt that's Forstall's real address

JC: i have no doubt

Erik: it has a 1 in it

Adam: Then it's not "abandoned" :p

Erik: πŸ™‚

Patrick: Dammit, I can't seem to properly block kellyosx

JC: i even re-did my keycaps in QWERTY

Erik: i don't know what you're talking about. and i use adium.

Jeff: It's not, dummy .mac account like

Erik: photo scrubber is dumb.

Erik: but

Erik: he is blowing through these things pretty quickly, oui?

JC: how many companies have a CEO who can demand the entire media's attention while he fucking BROWSES THE INTERNET

Erik: scott's real email address isn't exactly a secret.

Jeff: True, but they wouldn't use it in a presentation I'm sure

Erik: right

Erik: it beats "David Chen" and "Jackie Woo" or whoever they use in the commercials though.

JC: listening to this, why do i suddenly have the feeling of Steve Jobs jumping the shark?

Erik: it's only been 15 minutes.

Jeff: I'm hoping this is build up for something really good. Hoping. Hoping.

Joann: apple store is still up. No ordering today?

Zachery: he'll be jumping the shark all the way to the bank

Erik: the shark is made of money

Adam: Joann: They have an hour or two to close it πŸ™‚

Joann: thats true, I'm so impatient.

Erik: calendar is totally different looking

Jeff: Yeah, trying to decide if I like

Erik: i use busycal nowadays though

Erik: john mayer

Erik: last i heard from him he was telling tiger woods to masturbate

JC: heard someone on the audio feed say "wow" to streetview like they'd never seen it before...

Erik: i am 100x more likely to view youtube stuff on my computer than on my iPhone

Erik: wonder why they're promoting an abc show? πŸ™‚

Jeff: Go leo...

Erik: hey, wait, so disney and abc and espn are all together

Erik: and espn had that video demo out about their new digital magazine format

Erik: right? or was that SI?

Debeez: also remember that Disney (ABC/ESPN) bought Pixar and Jobs is on their board, I believe


Erik: yeah, that's my joking point

Erik: look at that video.

Erik: 9.7" display

JC: 9.7"

JC: odd size...

Erik: 0.5" thick… same storage as iPHone?

Adam: Man, people thought the Air was a weapon.  This is a slicer.

Erik: 802.11n

Jeff: Their own chip?

Erik: that's nice.

Erik: yeah

Erik: they bought that semi company a few years ago remember?

Jeff: Is that going to be a new trend you think? Ending dependence on Intel and ARM

Charles: I hope not

JC: no. they'll stay Intel I'm sure

Charles: look where it got Sun

Charles: SPARC was the death of them

Erik: the side view picture doesn't make it look as curved

Erik: it loosk blockier

Jeff: Yeah, but to use as a bargaining chip against Intel and ARM...

JC: two desktop arch changes in a few years would cause a mass uprising among many devs....

Erik: but the side view it's curved

Erik: no 3G

Jeff: Had to get off Leo's Ustream, too much noise and lag

Charles: no 3g could mean that it ships today

Jeff: Let's talk about third party apps? Yes, lets.

Scott: runs all iPhone apps unmodded!

Jeff: nice

Scott: Pixel-double goes full screen - how does that work, that screen looks way bigger than double the iPhone

Jeff: Twice the pixels of the iPhone, or is "pixel doubling" used more loosely, I wonder...

Zachery: pixel-quadruple

Erik: hey, it's like the gamecube thing that lets you play gameboy games

Erik: πŸ™‚

Erik: yeah, pixel4x

Jeff: So, 640x1060?

Scott: guess it must be

Jeff: or threabouts?

Zachery: in 2x mode, it doesn't seem to take the full screen

Erik: yeah

Zachery: because there's still room for the 1x button at the bottom

Erik: they still have room for a 1x button off the corner

Erik: d'oh, /me losed πŸ™‚

Jeff: hard to tell with the black border, but yea,h...

Zachery: jinx

JC: i'm on the verge of officially consigning this to the AppleTV bin.

JC: now, mind you, I WANT ONE. but still....

Erik: it's a big iPod Touch so far.

John: if the sdk is out tonight i wont be sleeping - please

Zachery: I'll take two.

Patrick: Right now, it's just a gorgeous, huge iPod Touch

Erik: yeah, funny how zachery wants two and i can't imagine wanting one at all.

Erik: new sdk today

Jeff: New SDK today

Jeff: beat me

Jeff: πŸ™‚

Erik: *winned!*

Jeff: Not posted yet

Erik: yawn. someone wake me when something interesting happens.

Erik: πŸ™‚

JC: even if it has some kind of ereader, i have a kindle, and i use the iPhone, and reading on the real Kindle is infinitely better. i can't see preferring an LCD over eInk.... so i dunno...

Adam: Google for "apple event live" and there's a little auto-scrolling news box that comes up...

Michael: As a non-developer average user, I'd grab one if I had the $. Prefer desktops to notebooks, but this looks ideal for on-the-go for me.

Erik: great, developers on stage.

Erik: that always goes over so well

Jeff: Time for a potty break, then.

Erik: derr, an e-ink display sucks for magazines

Erik: color

Erik: so that's what i've been saying: if this can replace my paper magazines, i could use it just for that.

JC: color aside, i read several magazines on it

Erik: mine are photography and golf magazines

Erik: so pictures matter a bit more πŸ™‚

Ring: graphic novels : )

Jeff: GameLoft is "larger" than EA?

Adam: Ring: ding ding

Patrick: maybe on the iPhone

JC: well, that'd be different. but i read mostly sci-fi rags and news mags. i read them for the articles.

Zachery: Glad I passed on both the Kindle and the Nook.

John: so much space to use - I can see some great apps coming this year

Erik: apple hasn't said the price yet

JC: i would rather wait for a color eInk than take an LCD now.

Jeff: Nope.

JC: i love my Kindle.

Erik: i don't think color eink is going to be that easy

Erik: look how long 16 shades of grey took them

JC: sadly, but the reading experience is so incredibly better, i'd wait. really.

Erik: well i love my kindle too. for text.

Erik: now the NYT

Erik: so at least we're off of games.


Erik: so doesn't that kinda look like an iPad

JC: he very clearly positioned it between iphone and laptop in the build up. it better be priced in the $500-750 range.

Erik: yeah. so the NYT is an "app" i guess.

Jeff: Yeah, so they better not swear πŸ™‚

Erik: artists can produce countless paintings?

Erik: what kind of dumb phrase is that

Jeff: No way? Since when?

Erik: ?

Erik: i can produce countless combinations of characters!

Erik: i must get an iPad!

JC: it's totoro!

Erik: zzzzzzzzzzzz

Jeff: Do ordinary people really like this part of the presentations, because so far, I've hated it since they started doing it at WWDC 2008. Long strings of self-promoting third party developers

Jeff: yawn.

Debeez: second that Jeff

Ring: no kidding

Jeff: Not that I blame the third parties for jumping at the chance to go on stage.

Erik: i said the steve:other ratio is best when it's high

JC: i'm sure that it doesn't help that we're all jealous, would like to be there getting the press πŸ˜‰

Erik: nah, it's  just marketing

Scott: I personally get bored very quickly with these

Adam: At the same time, I ignore them and skip over them when I download the video, so I'm not sure much press it is.

Adam: It's more like advertisements on a DVR.  *bleep* *bleep*

Erik: we have to sit through it now though

Jeff: I'm okay when he passes off to guys like Schiller and Forstall, but...

Erik: yeah, not some schlub from MS's Mac Business division

Erik: what was her name?

Jeff: Electronic Ass on stage. I mean arts. arts.

Zachery: Roz Ho

Jeff: Gloria.. Wang?

Erik: oh yes, bad

Jeff: Roz, yeah, that's right

Zachery: well, I just felt bad for her with that speech impediment.

Erik: wallet safely remains in pants thus far

Jeff: Would love to see benchmarks on this "new" processor

Erik: demo. zzzzzz.

JC: mmmmm baseball

Scott: ugh, baseball - couldn't be less interested

Jeff: What is their fascination with

Adam: Newsflash, it does full-screen video … like your portable.

JC: if MLB would join the 21st Century and not black me out from watching any games from any teams within a half continent of me...... i might subscribe

Adam: Jeff: People like applocity over there that'll pony up cash for it at every turn. πŸ™‚

Jeff: Yeah, and I'm sure they need the free publicity

Debeez: I'm pretty sure MLB sold a LOT at a pretty decent pricepoint when it came out

JC: it's because baseball is paradoxically both at the pinnacle of sports technology...... and at the very worst in territorial rights...

Adam: OMG flying white balls and sticks!

JC: is that thing square?

Erik: 9.7" is all they said

Erik: the diagonal

Patrick: ebook reader!

Erik: steve's back. 

Jeff: Doesn't look square, but looks "more square" than iPhone

JC: ebooks...

Jeff: Ebook reader

Patrick: iBooks! ha!

JC: "standing on Amazon's shoulders"

Ring: lol

Erik: i don't want books

Patrick: Video at leo's stream:

Adam: I'd read books on it.  I love LCDs.  of course, I'm clearly a minority πŸ™‚

Jeff: iBooks??

Erik: i want iMagazines


Erik: that looks retarded.

Jeff: Whoah.. looks like Delicious Monster combined with Classics

Erik: zzzzzzzzzzz.

Ring: as long as you have wifi that is

Erik: heh

Adam: I knew they'd reuse the iBook name somehow.

Erik: iMag please.

Sean: $4.99 for a book, not too bad

Erik: ars said $14.99

Erik: i thought

Sean: screenshot says $4.99

Scott: screenshot I see says $14.99


Erik: iwork???

Erik: bah.

Debeez: is it me or was McGraw-Hill missing from the list of publishers?  πŸ˜‰

Jeff: $4.99 seems fair? What do Kindle books typically cost?

Debeez: just saw a slide on gdgt w/o their name

Adam: $10

Erik: ePub format, that's cool.

Adam: quite

JCO: screenshot of the ted kennedy book was 14.99, other screenshots showed at least one book that was $4.99

Erik: *still not caring*

JCO: Eclipse: The Twilight Saga was $4.99

Erik: i doubt you'll want to type a whole Pages thing on an on-screen keyboard.

Sean: prices seem to fall between $14.99 and $4.99

JCO: I'm still hoping for ability to use a bluetooth kybd

Erik: a) it'll take up half the screen, b) not be as easy to type.

Erik: yeah possibly

Jeff: Anyone know if it has a USB port?

Erik: it has the dock port

Jeff: Phil gets more casual every keynote.

Jeff: Just the dock?

Erik: 0.5" isn't much room for a usb port. see the macbook air

JCO: dock carries usb signals

Erik: it had to do it with a flip down door

Jeff: But only one thing connected at a time...

JCO: passive USB cable from dock connector

JC: everyone else in the industry is going towards mini- and micro-USB. Apple of course can't follow suit.

Erik: yeah the kindle has whichever of the two it has

JC: micro, i think

Erik: it's annoying that there are two so similar sizes

JC: whatever it is, it's opposite of all the cables i had πŸ˜›

Erik: heh

Jeff: I wonder how typing on that thing really is...

Erik: not as good as a keyboard

Jeff: Obviously, but where between "OH MY GOD" and a real keyboard is it, i Wonder

Erik: it's not like we can compare it to a physical phone keyboard

Erik: yeah, how much of the screen does it take up?

Erik: half?

Jeff: apple-tablet-keynote_041.jpg

Jeff: Just about half

Erik: yeah. eh.

Jeff: Can't see me doing 75 words a minute on it, that's for sure.

JC: notice that the book store was only barely more than a passing mention?

Adam: The porn store is the One More Thing.

Jeff: heh... outside of an SNL sketch, I doubt it

Charles: The only way this thing will blow me away is if it's under $600

Jeff: Yeah, if it's in that price range, I'll pre-order 

JC: he clearly posititoned it as less than a laptop. it better be priced as such.

Jeff: Not really wanting one, but would like to see about developing or it 

Jeff: Wonder if there will be an iPad Simulator

Sean: yes

Sean: there will be

Erik: htey said that already

Sean: available today i think

Jeff: Really? All I saw was a new SDK, I'm wondering if there will be a separate App, or just a new mode to the iPhone simulator.

Erik: they said it, scroll back

Jeff: okay

Erik: i forget when or what it was called.

Erik: "simulator" doesn't show up on gdgt

Jeff: new SDK with iPad tools

Jeff: was how it was phrased

Jeff: You know, for typing, I think it's going to suck, but for layout, this might be kinda cool. Wish I could see the video rather than still pictures, hard to get a feel.

Adam: Leo's video is rather washed out :\

Patrick: So, I'm guessing there will be someway to get iWork docs on and off the thing?

Jeff: I gave up on Leo's, too much noise

Scott: don't see anything about a simulator

Jeff: Besides e-mail?

Adam: There has to be a simulator.  You can't develop without it.

Jeff: Wonder where docs will live?

Charles: on your iDisk

Jeff: Yes, I'm sure there will be a simulator, I'm wondering if it will be part of the current iPhone simulator apps, with skins like Android, or separate apps for the two devices.

Zachery: scott: 10:35AM

Jeff: If you have an iDisk.

Jeff: $9.99 for each of the iWork apps. Wonder if the Desktop version will stay at $99

Erik: are they $99?

Erik: i thought they were $69 or something

Zachery: thought it was $79

Zachery: or $129 for family pack

Zachery: or something...

Erik: amazon says $67.99

Jeff: $79, you're right

Erik: family pack is $80.40

JC: itunes: i wonder if it'll stream what you can't sync

Jeff: from Apple

JC: aha!

Erik: wireless now

Debeez: desktop iWork is $99 list price, I believe - but I've seen it for low (got it for 54.99 I think)

JC: 3G

Patrick: cell data

Zachery: 3G

Erik: so now 3g

Jeff: Oh, there will be 3g models

Erik: i don't care about 3G

Erik: cuz I don't care about iPad so far.

Jeff: I don't, but I think it's cool for people who want it. Some will.

Jeff: Especially if price is reasonable.

Erik: 250 MB isn't that much if you watch video.

Erik: $15. unlimited is $30.

JC: unlim $30

Erik: zzzzzzzzzz.

Erik: most people aren't gonna use this out in the wild

JC: AT&T........

Jeff: Not bad, I guess... not great, though. Who's the provider

Erik: they'll use it when they're in their homes

Jeff: AT&T? Figures.

Erik: with wifi

Jeff: Forget it.

Adam: AT&T hotspots.

JC: What. The. Fuck.

Debeez: AT&T?  so they can complain about iPad users ALSO crashing their network?  πŸ˜‰

Adam: Home activation again?

JC: well, at least there's no contract...

Patrick: no contracts!?

Adam: Oh, no contract. Well, that's better.

Scott: Wow, prepaid - that's cool!

Erik: wait, it's a dongle thingy?

Adam: It's just data.

Erik: but it's a dongle?

Erik: they show a little usb clip thing

Jeff: Yeah, was wondering about that.

JC: unlocked!

Zachery: I think that was talking about laptops

Debeez: I think the dongle was a slide showing how much other carriers charge for laptops

Zachery: running $60/month

Jeff: Wonder if VOIP apps will be allowed

Erik: oh, ok

Erik: yeah it's for laptops in that screen, the $60

Erik: duh. me.

JC: they're all unlocked. you can get service anywhere, it sounds.

Jeff: No CDMA...

Erik: i don't see people needing data. use it for wifi.

Erik: no iPad for me. Good. I can buy something else instead.

Jeff: On the train? Yeah, could use 3G at times

Jeff: Of course, iPad would never be my main machine, but for commuting, I could see people wanting connectivity outside of hotspots

Jeff: Too early for a wrap up. One more thing?

Erik: i won't buy one at $299.

Erik: so.

Jeff: Is that the price?

Erik: no

JC: no

Erik: 499

Debeez: WOW

JC: $499.

Jeff: $499? That seems fair

Adam: Quite

Scott: cool!

Patrick: 16GB for 499, that's going to sell some units

Patrick: (guessing)

Sean: reasonable

Erik: still 2x as much as i'd pay.

Jeff: I'd pay that. 

Erik: that said i may end up with one if we write something for it.

Patrick: 499 without 3G

Jeff: $130 for 3G? Interesting.

Adam: You sure no 3G?

Erik: yeah

Erik: $130 extra

Adam: meh

JC: for $499, i could see buying one and writing a webapp for it to manage my repair queue in the shop.

Jeff: 60 days

Erik: i'm not even going to watch the video when they post it later

JC: maybe.

Adam: And for $600+ you can take it on the road.

Adam: Literally just the roads, though, because it's AT&T.

JC: but im' mostly with iacas. i'm mostly consigning this to the AppleTV bin.

Erik: whoopty doo, a keyboard dock

Adam: I'd put it in the range of the Touch, myself.

Jeff: I dunno, at that price, I can see it moving. 

JC: adam: it's unlocked. so you can go elsewhere for data. but you won't get the sweetheart deal they have with AT&T.

Jeff: With the keyboard dock to be able to type, that's plenty of computer for many consumers.

Erik: that was internationally though only right?

Sean: shows promise for a 1.0 release. i'l probably wait for 2.0

Jeff: It's got a sim card slot, how could they stop you domestically?

JC: he said "every iPad is sold unlocked"

Erik: ok.

Erik: but not cdma

Erik: πŸ™‚

JC: right.

Jeff: No CDMA, no Verizon

Adam: No Verizon and no Sprint.  But T-Mobile would work.

Adam: And I wonder if Cricket will get in on it with unlimited data.

Erik: the extras cost? they aren't sure on ars but guess yes.

Erik: apple's videos have jumped the shark

Erik: "you don't think about it… you just… do!"

Erik: c'mon

Debeez: lol - true  (sounds like the parodies people keep making)

Erik: "gold rush" used in the video

Erik: bah

JC: i wouldn't use the iPhone and the iPad at the same time. i wonder if my iPhone SIM would work. πŸ˜‰

Joann: no camera, right?

JC: of course, then i won't get any calls πŸ˜‰

Jeff: Didn't see anything about one

Zachery: still not on the app store.

Zachery: c'MON!

Erik: no camera mentioned, yeah, hm.

Scott: I think they said that the SIM is a new form factor

Erik: micro SIM

Erik: what'st he display format again?

Scott: no SDK yet!

Erik: not OLED but what?

Erik: IPC or something?

JC: blah

Zachery: IPS

Patrick: Low end model drops to $199 next year

Patrick: mayb $249

Scott: THat seems likely - so do I wait? :-p

Erik: i dono't know that this finds a market.

Erik: not the big one.

Jeff: that would be something, Patrick...

Erik: people still use a phone for a phone

Adam: Wait to see if they're going to make it a TAM or Cube, I'd say.

Erik: and it fits in your pocket

Erik: the apps you use on your phone are "good enough" to justify using it iwth your phone

Erik: i don't see the same thing holding here

Patrick: WiFi only model with a MiFi, that would be a good combo

Adam: patrick: That's right!  Clear!

Jeff: Depends on the person. I can see my Mom, who's never owned a computer, using this, for example.

Zachery: that would be interesting

Erik: yeah, but how many people out there "have never owned a computer"?

Zachery: then I could also ditch my USB EVDO dongle

Joann: I want the keyboard dock to work with my iPhone.

Patrick: did everyone catch the 3G models are in 90 days?

Erik: no.

JC: clear is a 4G provider. i don't think their equipment even falls back to 3G.

Debeez: yes patrick - thats what I heard

Erik: all done.

Scott: Patrick - me too

Debeez: 60 days for normal, 30 more for 3G

Erik: anyone have any objections if I post this?

Scott: nope

Jeff: Not me

Erik: i don't know if I want to. could be a massive mess.

Joann: fine by me

Adam: I require royalties. πŸ˜‰

Erik: just asking in case.

Patrick: no worries

JC: np

Erik: i'll obscure everyone's usernames

Joann: bye, it was fun

Patrick: see yeah!

Patrick: er, ya!

3 Responses to "Chat from Today’s Snoozefest iPad Announcement"

  1. Did you ever find a digital picture frame that you liked? When docked and locked, there is a button that puts the iPad into picture frame made. A bit expensive for just a digital picture frame, but could be a bit useful when you're just cruising on the couch.

  2. [quote comment="56934"]Did you ever find a digital picture frame that you liked? When docked and locked, there is a button that puts the iPad into picture frame made. A bit expensive for just a digital picture frame, but could be a bit useful when you're just cruising on the couch.[/quote]

    A bit expensive and… it'd require charging fairly frequently as well.

  3. [quote comment="56956"]A bit expensive and… it'd require charging fairly frequently as well.[/quote]

    Well, the Dock is a charger.