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Are You Buying an iPad?


The only reason the last choice even exists is so that I could choose it. 😛

You see, I hadn't planned to buy an iPad because, frankly, I had absolutely no need for it. None. I'm quite content to use my iPhone, laptop, and desktop and don't feel inconvenienced or put out in doing so, so I won't "invent" a need.

But Brad's going to buy me an iPad because we're going to release Cyndicate 2.0 for the Mac with syncing support for an iPad version of Cyndicate. Reading feeds on the iPad would be nice.

And since a good portion of what I do at night is to read some web articles I couldn't read during the day and to cruise the forum, an iPad with Cyndicate, the built-in Safari, and Tapatalk ((Though the larger screen and the built-in Safari may render Tapatalk pointless…)), perhaps I'll find myself using the iPad for more than development, bug testing, and feature suggestions.

I still hope magazines comes out, though, and in a big way. I want to stop getting paper magazines in the mail.

2 Responses to "Are You Buying an iPad?"

  1. I want one, but not before I get an iPhone.

  2. I think my employer will most likely buy me one. If not, I might end up buying one.

    I may also buy one for my mom, who has been talking about getting a computer lately, but the only thing she wants to do with it is to play games and read the news online. An iPad would do that well, and the $15/month 3G would be cheaper than getting DSL or cable internet at her house, and would be easier to set up and more convenient for her to use, too.