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Recliner Recommendations?

The wife and I have decided that we'd like to buy a recliner. Currently, I sit on the couch and Carey sits on the love seat for reading. I'll slide down and sit on the floor to use my computer, or use the couch table lamps for reading. She'll do everything on the love seat.

We'd like to add a recliner. I imagine I'll be using it primarily and Carey will move over to the couch on occasion. We'd like something that's incredibly comfortable - particularly for reading.

I've read some articles (like this one and ).

Budget is $600 to $1000 (fairly firm at the top of course). The couch and love seat are a microfiber/faux suede, and neither of us are dead set on any particular fabric or finish except that we're pretty sure we don't want vinyl. The recliner won't go against a wall and there's room behind it, so we don't need a wall-saver type. A rocker type that spins might be nice, and I think we'll want a footrest included so we don't have an ottoman.

It'll be a little while before we really get into it, but if you have any opinions or insight, please share.

2 Responses to "Recliner Recommendations?"

  1. You could go with the perennially favorite La-Z-Boy, they make really good quality stuff, and their online store lists about 3/4 of their recliners as being under 1k.

  2. I've been thinking of getting a recliner too. The goodhousekeeping article was useful. Let us know what you find out.