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Goodness gracious. Or whatever that phrase is.

Spam is not a huge deal for me. I only get 50 or so a day (and most of those come through servers I don't control and thus don't have SpamAssassin on). Hundreds or thousands of emails are blocked and deleted at my server(s) every day.

But sometimes, for curiosity's sake, I hop into my Junk mail folder and look at some of the messages.


If nobody clicked on spam and bought Viagra or tried to make their penises larger or whatever people are selling these days, nobody would get spam anymore.

It's almost like a kid can stop another kid from bullying him: he either beats the crap out of the other kid or he doesn't react. The latter option works wonders - just ignore the spam, don't click it, and they'll go away.

What percentage of people out there click on these things? 10%? 50%? I'm curious, because whatever percent it is, they're really mucking it up for the rest of the world.

4 Responses to "STOP CLICKING ON SPAM, People!"

  1. The problem is that even if only 1% of people fall for spam, that's enough to make it profitable for the spammers, because spamming is so cheap.

  2. seriously, if just 0.0001% of the messages get clicks, and only 0.0001% of those result in a sale, that's approximately 1 million percent profit. 😛

    With numbers so huge, the click through rate can be so small it's almost non-existant, and still be hugely profitable. 🙁

  3. Oh. I'd heard it cost quite a bit of money to send out spam. Where by "quite a bit of money" I am not entirely sure what I meant, but certainly a number with four or more places.

    On second thought, I know a guy who emails 200,000 people for a few bucks every other week. It's legitimate email, but still…

    Bah. 🙁 Spam is here to stay.

  4. The acceindt of finding this post has brightened my day