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iPhone Cases and Screen Protectors

Carey was talked into getting a "MyFrogz" case for her iPhone awhile back, and I liked it, so I picked up a yellow/black (Let's Go Pens!) recently as well. It does what I need - protects the back of the case from scratches and provides a bit of grip as well.

I used to have a leather DLO hip holster, but the leather wore through the metal belt clip and I didn't replace it because, most of the time, the iPhone was out of the case anyway and unprotected.

Carey and I also have an anti-glare plastic sticky thing (screen cover?) on our iPhones. It's a weird feeling at first, but it virtually eliminates glare AND fingerprints, and the feeling is better than sliding across the glass itself. They're only $12 or so for three ((Ha ha, I wonder how much that'll cost for an iPad cover - I'd probably buy one at $20.)), and I consider them a great buy.

What cases (and/or screen covers) have y'all bought for your iPhone?

One Response to "iPhone Cases and Screen Protectors"

  1. I recently bought an Otterbox Defender cover for mine ($39.99 from AT&T). I did a fair amount of research when buying the case and it seemed that the Otterbox had one of the best reviews. The cover fits like armor. My only issue with the case is that my phone does not fit the connector on my iPhone radio, and removing the case every night really isn't an option. Putting the case on is something that you only want to do once. If that's not an issue for you, I highly recommend the Otterbox Defender iPhone case.