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Super Bowl XLIV

Carey and I watched the Super Bowl. It was on in the background while we did other things, but I was glad that Peyton choked like the girly man that he is. I think Indianapolis and Peyton (and Eli) and Tom Brady have gotten far more hype than they deserve, and frankly, I'm sick of Peyton Manning appearing in every other commercial on TV.

Peyton's got one whole Super Bowl win now. Whoopty doo.

Top five QBs in the league? Sure. Brady and Peyton belong there, but I'll still take Ben Roethlisberger every day of the week and twice on Sundays, as they say. But you had to know that… More on that here.

OK, I hadn't intended to post on QBs, so forget that. I think the commercials were - as usual - stupid again this year. Frankly, the funniest one to me might have been the Miller High Life commercial where four "local businesses" were given time.

Carey was rooting for the Saints because someone has been obnoxious - for months - about the Colts in a professional setting where they should just say nothing or keep it short. So she was delighted. She was happier than I was when Peyton threw that pick that sealed his fate.