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evolvr – Coming Monday-ish

Monday I'm going to be a part of roughly two product launches. One - DSLRU - will launch in the form of a semi-public beta.

The other is one I've worked on with golf instructor Dave Wedzik here in Erie. It's a product I'd wanted to build several years ago, and which had always sort of remained in the back of my mind, but Dave mentioned the idea late in the fall of 2009 and I've pushed hard for it.

The basic idea is that a golfer uploads a set of videos. An instructor critiques the swing, draws on the video, narrates, and types up some notes. Everything (the video, narration, and the notes) are posted back for the user to view, read, and "evolv" as a golfer.

We're using a service called CheddarGetter, and we may have launched a bit sooner, but we need a feature that they say they'll have ready on Monday.

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