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Possibly Developing a Video App

So, for various reasons, I'm looking at developing some basic video software. Or, more likely, hiring someone to do it.

Basically, the software should:

  • Play video at regular speed, slow speed, and allow for frame-by-frame stepping through.
  • Play two separate videos side-by-side within the same window.
  • Allow the video to be repositioned, grown, etc. in the video window to fit the full frame and/or the half frame.
  • Include a few very basic drawing tools.
  • Include the ability to narrate (capture audio).
  • Be able to export to a new video file with all of the above.

In other words, I want to create a Mac version of V1. V1 sells for about $800 but is buggy as shit and can't even rotate a video 90°. Yeah - it's that terrible.

But they've got the market somewhat cornered.

A partner and I would like to work with someone on a Mac version (with a Windows version well down the road) of a simple program that does what it needs to do. I can envision two versions: a "Student" and a "Teacher" edition, selling at perhaps $49 and $299.

Is anyone interested?