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FWIW, I chose "a little" because I rarely post, though I check the home page and two other pages (both golf-related) several times per day. Quickly.

I don't use any real applications and I typically hide everything I can, like gifts and other apps people are playing.

3 Responses to "Facebook?"

  1. I post, comment, use it for event invites, posting and tagging photos and video (usually of events), sometimes use it as a bit of a dumping ground for links/articles/etc, and have it linked to my Twitter, Flickr, and Google Reader so that some activities from those automatically post to my wall. I have messages and comments pushed to my iPhone.

    But i've hidden just about all the apps that give me worthless updates (farmville, social interview, gangster whatever, all that crap.) and unfriended people who are annoying or whom i don't really know well. (Though, i could always use more friendlist cleaning).

  2. Answered "a lot" on account of checking it daily, but I don't really have much activity there myself.

  3. Facebook for me is one of my main marketing tools, so yeah extensively used