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End of Days

Who in the heck believes in the End of Days? You have to be a fundamentalist Christian to believe that, don't you? Or do other religions really talk about it quite a bit.

2012 is said to be the "End of Days" in the Mayan calendar, or something like that, and they weren't Christians, but it seems to me that the two concepts aren't necessarily related to each other - the Mayans just ran out of calendar or something while the Christian concept really has no set date (and is, most likely, just a concept that shouldn't be taken literally).

But if someone can tell me more, by all means, I'm interested in hearing it.

P.S. The End of Days is essentially a concept in The Lost Symbol, so I don't doubt that's why it's on my mind.

3 Responses to "End of Days"

  1. The Mayan thing is one of the most horribly abused cultural events ever. I heard it described as "cultural racism" once. There are tons of books on the subject... but very few 2012 believers have actually asked Mayans what they believe. There are still practicing Mayan priests to ask.

    Give this a look -- really interesting list of what the 2012 believers vs. skeptics think.

    My favorite argument against it is that many Mayan city-states had completely different long counts, meaning that some Mayan calendars won't end for another 2000 years.

  2. Yeah, the whole 2012 thing is ridiculous.

  3. The study of the end times is called Eschatology.

    For a general view:

    Christian view: