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Three Red Lights

So my kid's sick today. Great day for the Xbox 360 to go belly up, eh?

Three red lights. The wife called me (iPhone to iPhone) from downstairs to ask me why the Xbox was blinking with red lights. She wanted to stream some movies from Netflix on the TV.

Pfffft. Hey, it lasted longer than most people's, huh? The thing never moved. It's in great shape. I hope I get a good one back, and that they take care of the license transfers and everything.

As I walked in to the UPS building, the guy said "Xbox?" I said "Yep. Howdja guess?"

His response: "I've shipped probably 10,000 of them back. Ever since they started makin' em. Get a hundred a week."

Yeah. Way to go, Microsoft. Consoles often lose money that companies will make up for with software, but this one must be a real drain.

One Response to "Three Red Lights"

  1. Microsoft loses money with its Xbox division. A lot of money. As far as I can tell, they don't really care... Making money isn't really the point. They just want to be in as many segments of the market as possible. They don't make any money on their music products, mobile products, or anything that isn't Windows (desktop/server versions) or Office.