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Flying to Scottsdale, AZ

I'm typing this on a plane 1:30-ish flight out of Erie (it was only about $10 more than a flight out of Buffalo) to Detroit. When I land, I'll have an hour or so to catch a flight to Scottsdale, AZ.

I'm heading to Scottsdale with Dave Wedzik to photograph and observe a Stack and Tilt golf clinic (on Thursday). I've got media passes for the WM Phoenix Open taking place there, but I don't know that I'm going to use them. I'll play that by ear.

$25 per bag to check the luggage, and I've brought the clubs because we'll have time on Wednesday and Friday to play golf. Or practice. Knowing Dave and another guy, Steve, it's gonna be spent hitting balls and not actually playing golf. 😛

Dave and I are going to use the longer leg of the trip to talk about what we're dubbing "G1" publicly - the video analysis software we're planning to build and sell.Update: We've landed. Rental car taxes are 58% - let me say that again: fifty eight percent - in Arizona. And apparently there are cameras all over the place to catch people who average 11 MPH over the speed limit between intersections.

We picked up Steve and went to an In-n-Out burger joint. Our "pre-meal meal" as Dave called it. Dave didn't even know there was a secret menu…

But, on the bright side, we stopped at a restaurant called "Los Olivos" (the one on second street, not the other "bad" one" - and had some really good Mexican food. Now it's off to the hotel.

Update Numero Dos: They overbooked the hotel. So for $40/night - a rate we got on Priceline - we're now staying at a 1700-square foot house called "the La Hacienda" ((The extra "the" is bound to turn into an inside joke.)). We have our own pool, three beds (Steve's going to sleep on the couch, apparently), and two teeny showers. We have a kitchen, etc.

But no Internet. Bah. And we won't be using the pool anyway. We're golfers, not party boys. 😛