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Wednesday in Scottsdale

Today's a bit of a "free day" in Scottsdale. We don't have anything to do until tomorrow. Well, nothing terribly serious, anyway.

The four of us wake up and shower at about 6:30. Four being me, Dave, Steve, and Charlie. We head out to a Starbucks where, when I order a bagel, they don't even have a toaster to toast it. Gee, thanks. I drink some sort of protein juice thing that's a bit chalky but quite tasty.

Then we head to "Crackerjacks" - a fun center with a driving range, mini golf, bounce houses, water balloon fighting areas, a small arcade, batting cages, etc. We're there to meet Kirk, who has been teaching himself the Stack and Tilt swing. His swing is impressive and intriguing - he's one of the few people who seem to have gone too far in doing some of the particular moves, and he's over-drawing the golf ball. He's also a lefty, which I'm happy to notice confused Dave and Steve into saying "right" when they meant "left" and vice versa as often as I said it in my mind.

After that, we wandered over to Grayhawk Golf Club to meet the guy responsible for helping to set up the clinic/school tomorrow. We had lunch while Peter Kostis sat at the next table. Steve was tempted to say something, but chose not to. The burger wasn't very good at all.

We asked to hit balls on the range "for an hour or so" and ended up staying for five. Oh well. 🙂 My own swing has progressed to where my position at P2 is pretty good and so I started cleaning up some things at the top of my backswing. Elbows closer, push away with the left arm, no cupping. PGA Tour player (and major winner) Rich Beem hit about 30 balls next to us.

We drove back to "The La Hacienda" and chilled out before Dale showed up to take us to dinner. We decided on PF Chang's. I'd never eaten there, but everything was fine - some sort of honey chicken, Mongolian beef, rice, some spicy green beans, and pork rolls. Good stuff.

We returned to The La Hacienda, hung out with Dale for a bit, and discovered that Cheeseburger Doritos are grosser than gross. Yuck. Blech.

Tomorrow, the clinic!