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Friday in Scottsdale

We're taking the redeye later tonight (1:30am) so we're staying up late. I'm writing this from a Barnes & Noble near Kierland in Scottsdale. I picked up a copy of The Three Pillars of Zen: Teaching, Practice, and Enlightenment thanks to a comment on this post. Thanks Brad (or Brad's friend).

Today was a bit of a fluky day. I wanted to play golf, but since I'm not in control of the rental car's keys, what I wanted was irrelevant. 😉

At any rate, since we figured we had all day and just wanted to practice, we lollygagged around a bit in the morning. We drove around, we ate breakfast, we settled a bill at Grayhawk, we had lunch, and we finally showed up at Troon North at 1:30 to hit balls. Problem: they closed the range at 2:15 to pick it. D'oh.So we drove to another course. A demo day had shut down the range for the day. So we had a chipping contest… but the fact remains that we had all day to hit balls, and we were only able to get 45 minutes in.

After chipping, Charlie, Dave, and I spent three hours at a Morton's steakhouse. Yum. Scottsdale gets chilly in the evenings, but the steak, a toasted almond, and the outdoor heaters they had did wonders to keep us warm. We had good conversation as Dave and I killed time waiting for the drive to the airport.

Barnes & Noble, a little perusal of the golf magazines (BR is a friggin' moron), and we were off.