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Redeyes and Zzzzzzzzzz

Dave's voice is gone. He can barely whisper. His sinuses have been dripping into his throat for days now and it's not good. At least he's not actually sick.

Our 1:30am flight left on time. So did the other flights. I managed to grab about 2½ hours of sleep on the first leg of the flight, but stayed awake for the rest. Yippee. Fortunately, 2/3 of the flights (the two legs with three seats per side) weren't very full, so Dave and I were able to sit with an empty seat between us. That does wonders for your ability to get comfortable.

I returned home to a driveway we couldn't drive into due to all of the snow. Two feet of nicely packed snow took half a gallon of gas and 90 minutes of snowblowing (with a 12 HP snowblower that usually cleans up in 10 minutes). Just what I wanted to come home to after spending three glorious days in the sun! 🙂

I'm going to crash now. What a relaxing - and yet invigorating - couple of days.

P.S. I could go for about 50 of those P.F. Chang's pork rolls right about now.