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Crosby 2, Ovechkin 0 and Olympic Hockey

The score is now Crosby 2, Ovechkin 0.

And I'm sorry, but hockey involves more than just scoring goals and racking up points.

But I digress. Despite the title, I wanted to talk about the USA vs. Canada game. I think that, if the U.S. was to lose, this is the only acceptable way (for me, as a Pens fan) to lose: by having Sidney Crosby effectively do the last athletic thing in the Olympics, period. The guy's had the weight of the world (well, of Canada anyway) on his shoulders for a decade now, and he keeps delivering.

No doubt the NHL will find a way to screw it up. They've got to have more interest in hockey now than ever - even non-hockey fans I know were watching and the game was GREAT - but part of that starts with getting Versus back on DirecTV so millions of people don't miss the goddamn playoffs.