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ClickToFlash Behaving Oddly

I've disabled ClickToFlash because it's been behaving oddly lately (and development seems to have come to a standstill).

I'll often attempt to display a YouTube video, and a movie file will download. Whitelisting sites doesn't always work, and sometimes I spend five minutes just trying to get a flash movie to play in Flash instead of downloading a movie or display a white box where the movie should be (long bug discussion here - 1.6b7 linked here).

Will cross my fingers and, occasionally, re-enable. It's the easiest way to download the movies from YouTube (though I have a JavaScript bookmarklet that does it too).

P.S. And I'll try 1.6b7 as soon as I can tolerate a re-start of Safari.

2 Responses to "ClickToFlash Behaving Oddly"

  1. Which Javascript bookmarklet do you use? I've been looking for one that works well. I've had similar problems with ClickToFlash myself, randomly downloading videos on tabs I open in the background.

  2. [quote comment="57346"]Which Javascript bookmarklet do you use?[/quote]

    One that doesn't seem to work any longer, now that I've tried it out:


    Incidentally, I'm still seeing the "download when I don't want it to" behavior with 1.6b7 too. 😛