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Your Zero Calorie Food?

A friend of mine says that if he could eat any food that wouldn't count towards his calories or anything, it'd be Oreos. Regular old Oreos, not the double-stuff or the peanut butter ones or anything crazy - just regular Oreos, zero calories, and he'd eat them all day.

As a bit of a gag birthday gift I printed off a new nutrition label for Oreos with 0 calories (and a few other changes). It's funny. And I used OmniGraffle.

So, what would your "zero calorie" food be? What food would you eat all the time if it didn't count as calories and had no negative effect on your health at all?

Mine's a toss-up. I really like Cherry Coke, but I'd also have to strongly consider ice cream (less attractive if I had to pick only one flavor or even one brand), steak (mmmmm, but it's not cheap, so I'd probably rule it out for that reason). After that, my list of foods I'd consider runs pretty thin…

What's yours?