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Warm Weather

Warm weather has finally arrived, and it's predicted to stay in the high 40s or low to mid 50s for the next eight or nine days, so maybe - maybe (and knock on wood) - we won't get that late snowstorm that just keeps everything soggy and cold for a long time.

This winter's been an odd one. We didn't get snow when Pittsburgh, NYC, Philly, etc. got snow. But when we did get snow, we got a lot. The rest of the time it was just cold.

And elsewhere it's been cold too. A friend of mine goes to Florida every year for 2-3 months. He came back two weeks early because, in his words, "he got sick of the weather in Florida." What's up with that?

I'm looking forward to this year. A lot of good things are happening. A lot is changing. More details tk, but I hope the weather this year is good, because last year was lousy.