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Massive Log Files

Carey's computer, her Mac Pro - which is never on overnight - stopped working earlier today. When I say "stopped working," I mean the thing ground to a halt and she couldn't save files or do much of anything else. When I managed to free 200 MB of disk space, you could literally watch the space vanish before your very eyes.

As her computer apparently has Rosetta installed (I refuse to install it on my Mac Pro or MacBook Pro), I downloaded DiskInventory X and ran it. Thirty minutes later, it identified an 89.4 GB file in /private/var. As I write this, frankly, I forget what the file was, but it was large and unnecessary, so I removed it. I also removed some log files that hadn't been purged recently.

Reboot, and voilà - 125 GB of free space returned, and she could once again save her lesson plans from within Pages.

And, better yet, she knows to look at her free disk space remaining now and then, and to let me know if it's getting small again before problems arise.

One Response to "Massive Log Files"

  1. I once found a 2.4tb MySQL log on a server at work O:)