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Hamburgers with Ground Pork

Apparently a secret trick to making a good hamburger: mix in about 25% ground pork. It keeps the burger nice and juicy.

We found, though, that some extra pepper is necessary at this point or you can just barely taste the pork. I prefer a "beefier tasting" burger, but they were moist.

Why restaurants can't simply offer a non-pre-made burger is beyond me. It's no more difficult than cooking the pre-made ones, and they're virtually guaranteed to be better.

One Response to "Hamburgers with Ground Pork"

  1. I don't know about where you are, but here in Phoenix/Scottsdale we have several restaurants/small chains that specialize in burgers and most of them serve a frozen, pre-made burger puck.

    If ALL you serve is burgers, you could at least grind your own meat!

    (For the record, Deluxe here in Phoenix serves great, fresh burgers.)