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New Shoes – Black or Brown Belts and Socks?

As if anyone cares… 😉 Soon I'll be blogging about my cat. Guess I need to buy a cat…

I picked up a pair of new shoes today. They're Skechers, "Urbantrack Forward" model 50661 shoes, and they're quite comfortable. I will use them primarily for what I wrote yesterday.

They're black and brown, so I think I can wear them with black and tan pants without much trouble. I'm not sure what color socks to wear when I'm wearing tan pants though - beige? Black? What color belt do I wear, then, too? What color hat?

There may be no satisfactory answers. Yeah, I know, tell it to my cat…

I also picked up a large green binder with some page inserts. I'm going to do my color printing at Staples or a similar store. No sense buying a laser printer.