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WordPress as a CMS for Golf Evolution

I redid the Golf Evolution site for the second time in as many months just now because I wanted to install WordPress and use it for content.

There are still a few pages which rely on a straight up PHP file - the newsletter and the contact us page (because there are no real good plugins to do those sorts of things, and I didn't feel like writing custom ones when I already had a working solution) - but for the most part Dave can comfortably make updates to the site as he sees fit.

WordPress has really turned into a "jack of all trades" app, and it's awesome how flexible it is for a free piece of software. Plugins exist for virtually everything, and some of the recent changes have been really nice.

I'm rebuilding the Whispering Woods website, and it, too, will use WordPress to handle both blogging and the static pages. It'll involve a bit more HTML than most of the Golf Evolution pages, but most of those won't need to be changed too much anyway.

3 Responses to "WordPress as a CMS for Golf Evolution"

  1. Contact Form 7 seems like it fits the bill for the first part.

  2. It looks like it does, yes. Quite frankly after looking through a few I gave up. I'm not sure I saw that one.

    But I still may not use it, because again, I've already got a working solution. So we'll see how bored I am in the next few days (i.e. the length of time this will stick in my head as something I may want to play with).

    Update: It leaves the contact form there and puts up the "sent your email" message beneath it. I want the contact form to go away.

  3. Very nice looking site.