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Turning Off Entourage’s Sync

I'm turning off Entourage's sync capability with the Mac OS X Address Book.

All too often it screws up the order of fields, the names of fields, or the actual existence of data in those fields.

For example, for a number of months I've had a heck of a time getting one phone number to stay associated with one contact. Every time I opened my MacBook Pro - even if I added the data in with wireless disabled and then enabled wireless ((Enabling wireless allowed MobileMe syncing, among other things.)) the data would be over-written and the phone number removed and the order of other items re-shuffled.

Enough is enough. I haven't had these problems at all since disabling Entourage's sync capability a week ago. I like Entourage, but stuff like this should just work. I long for the days of Claris Em@iler - or a stripped down Entourage that ditches "My Day" and the entire calendaring application. Heck, just let Entourage do email and use the system-wide Address Book for email.

But that'll never happen. Microsoft can't remove from software - it can only add.

2 Responses to "Turning Off Entourage’s Sync"

  1. Why don't you move to or thunderbird ?

  2. [quote comment="61556"]Why don't you move to or thunderbird ?[/quote]

    I've given my reasons before. I don't like Mail's handling of some things (multiple inboxes is high on the list, and yeah, I know I can collapse them but they're still there) and Firefox doesn't feel Mac-like at all so I'd never even consider Thunderbird.