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No Time for Podcasts Lately

I used to have plenty of time for podcasts. Two hours or so per day, at any rate - Buzz Out Loud, This Week in Photography, and a few others. When I was caught up, I'd have time to listen to This American Life.

Lately, no time. I'm tired of telling iTunes to keep downloading episodes of shows I'll never listen to, so I've let a bunch of them go dormant. I likely won't ever get back to them.

One Response to "No Time for Podcasts Lately"

  1. I'm the same except I've let all my other media consumption (movies, tv, music) languish as I consume podcasts almost exclusively. Since I have a lot of professionally related shows in iTunes, there is always an incentive to listen in a timely manner. If I'm up for some entertainment, I chew through some podcast novels (authors such as Scott Sigler, P.C. Haring, J.C. Hutchins, Tee Morris).