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Pysanki (or Pysanka)

Pysanka - also called Ukrainian Egg Decorating - is an art form that consists of building up layers of wax over progressively darker dyes before melting the wax to reveal the final design.

As a kid, I learned about pysanki in about sixth grade, and that winter and part of the next year I spent hours in the basement decorating and blowing out eggs. A good number didn't turn out as well as I liked, but I remember being pleased by several of them.

I've ordered a kit (dyes, some wax, three kistkas) and am excited to get it. It's a fun way to spend time and I think it can teach patience, creativity, and planning.

When I have a moment, I'm going to figure out how to "finish" the eggs so that they can last awhile. I remember experimenting with some spray-on glossy finishes, but people ship eggs and my eggs were never strong enough to consider shipping. So I'm sure there's some way to finish the eggs and perhaps turn them into Christmas ornaments or something.

Edit: and All Things Ukrainian look like informative sites.