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iPad Launch Day

It's iPad Launch Day, and I remain 100% entirely unenthused.

Between my combination of Mac Pro upstairs, iPhone with me always, and MacBook Pro downstairs by the couch, I have no need at all for an iPad.

I will buy one - likely very quickly - when I can get most of my magazine subscriptions on one, as I've said many times before ((I'm too lazy to link to them.))

One Response to "iPad Launch Day"

  1. I got one for my fiancée on launch day. She'd been using a 1.2GHz iBook that was finally starting to bit the dust. For her, it's all she needs. ...and i find myself using it all the time now too.

    You have a macbook Pro for the downstairs couch, and that'll probably fit the bill for a long time, but my "couch machine" is officially an iPad, and i couldn't be happier. It just feels less cumbersome than the old iBook did, and waaay less constricted than the iPhone. It's a really nice size for right between iPhone and iMac, at least for me.

    So you have a nice big SUV (Mac pro), a motorcycle (Macbook Pro), and walking shoes (iPhone). You can get everywhere you need. I have a car (iMac) a bicycle (iPad) and walking shoes too. For me, the bike is awesome, and adding a motorcycle would be silly. For you, adding a bike now might be overkill. Then again, you might just enjoy riding a bike sometime. 🙂

    Sorry for the lame analogy; i just can't help myself.