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Where’s iPhone Tethering?

Seriously, wasn't that supposed to be available by now?

Look, I don't really have a problem with AT&T. I don't have dropped calls, 3G coverage is pretty good in my area (probably because not many people have iPhones - Erie isn't NYC, after all), and the rates they bill seem to be in line with other companies.

That said… it'd be nice to have some access by now, or the option for access, when it was made available so long ago.

We're using a Verizon hub - Sprint has one too - at the Golf Evolution academy building this year. Everyone with an iPhone essentially has the same bit of hardware, yet AT&T won't enable the functionality.

4 Responses to "Where’s iPhone Tethering?"

  1. I actually work for AT@T but in another country that doesn't have AT&T as a telco/ISP. I guess the issue is that with tethering comes longer connection times, and on an already strained network that is just going to cause more issues.

    Need moar bandwidth 🙂

  2. AT&T tethering wouldn't be very useful around here... I end up having to use my MiFi on my phone half the time because 3G is slow/non-working.

    Phone calls work about 50% of the time, fortunately I don't really talk so much so I don't care. When they DO work you usually get disconnected halfway through. But hey, i'm usually on WiFi and I usually talk on my SIP desk phone so its all good.

    Plus, the iPhone is coming to Verizon soon anyway.

    Right? ..... Please ?

  3. If you have a developer account, would this work for you:

    Not nearly as nice has having it built into the phone, though.

  4. I wonder if there is a cheap 3g phone on ebay that would allow you to swap out sims and use as a tethered bluetooth / usb modem?