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eSellerate Pricing

Holy crap, when did eSellerate get so freakin' expensive?

What is up with that?

I'm going to be launching an application in a few months and now is the time to start looking around for licensing schemes and account managers. Back in the day I remember thinking the 5% eSellerate took was reasonable. Maybe even the 10%. But 11.9%?

And who knows? Maybe I'm wrong and eSellerate is still the best way to go because rates across the entire industry have shot up. Or because other stores simply don't have some of the capabilities of eSellerate.

If anyone has any thoughts, share 'em in the comments.

4 Responses to "eSellerate Pricing"

  1. how about using wil shipley code?

  2. Fastspring is 5.9% + $0.95. Not bad. Good list of features.

    Cesar, Wil's site looks bad and his rates don't seem to be all that good: 5% + $1 on top of the bank rates? And they don't even seem to have launched the thing.

    Update: The lead is slimmer now, but and even are in the running.

  3. I can recommend Fastspring.

  4. We are just to about launch our app, and after few weeks of headache we've decided to go simple: Potion Store from Potion Factory and our small, but efficient modifications to licencing system.