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Off the FileMaker Train

Today I'm off the Filemaker train. The only thing for which I've used FileMaker in the past decade has been to archive some email. I have email dating back to 1996 in FileMaker databases. Do you know how often I've looked at the emails? Never.

Monday to Friday I open a single FileMaker database and store my A.Word.A.Day subscription emails in there. That'll be the toughest for me to get past, but I'm done paying what's become a yearly tax of $179 on FileMaker. I'm done archiving data that I'll almost never use.

In typing that, the one file I do use from time to time is my "Saved/Reg#" file. It contains registration numbers for software, but perhaps I should migrate that to 1Password or something. Something that doesn't cost $179/year and which I only use a few times a year, tops.

4 Responses to "Off the FileMaker Train"

  1. AppShelf, as a customized database, works fairly well for storing serial numbers. I'm still in the process of migrating there from my primary facility--an IMAP folder.

  2. > Saved/Reg#"

    I'd recommed "Little Secrets". It's a fine tool for storing serials, passwords etc. And it's heavily encrypted.

    Yours, Heiko

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I can't imagine (at this point anyway) not using 1Password, and I already own it, so I'll probably just go that route. It's not the primary function but it looks like it'll work just fine.

  4. I use LicenseKeeper for storing licenses. Haven't tried 1Password for that... maybe I'll give that a whirl.