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Beginning Amazon Prime Trial

Today I begin a free one-month Amazon Prime trial. I'm still not sure it's worth $79 - but it's worth a free one-month trial to get the electric razor I just ordered in two days.

I've set a reminder in BusyCal to prompt me in 25 days to cancel (or keep) Amazon Prime.

P.S. Philips Arcitec 1050 Kit with the self-cleaning thing. The whole bundle cost $1 less than the razor alone at Target…

6 Responses to "Beginning Amazon Prime Trial"

  1. I've had Amazon Prime since last summer. I'm trying to figure out whether to sign up for another year. I'm on the fence.

  2. I did this for, now, two free-trial periods.

    If you just go into your account settings, you can set it to NOT automatically sign you up after the trial period.

    Great deal during the trial period.

  3. Keep in mind you can sign up 4 other people on Amazon Prime. That sold it to me because I put my mom and girlfriend on and I still have an open slot. I like being able to see something I like and just hit the ship button knowing i'm only paying tax and getting 2-day built in. Makes tracking easier too because I'm not being forced to deal with USPS.

  4. [quote comment="61801"]Keep in mind you can sign up 4 other people on Amazon Prime.[/quote]

    It's my understanding that is kind of a "fringe" thing to do and isn't really supported. But if it's perfectly acceptable, then I have a month to find a few people with whom to share it, I guess.

  5. I don't think it's really a fringe thing since it takes up 40% the screen on the "Manage my Amazon Prime membership" page. It's supposed to be limited to "household members" but I'm sure if you don't cycle them out and they're reasonable, they'll be fine.

    Where Amazon Prime shines is Christmastime. We order everything for everyone from Amazon. It also allows you to impulse buy a lot easier (is that a good thing or a bad thing?) When they put a TV Series season on sale for $14.99, and don't have to pay for shipping, it makes it a lot easier to click "Buy"

    We just started our third year with Prime. Totally worth it.

  6. As Steve pointed out, you can cancel your renewal now. No need for a BusyCal reminder. (I did this same thing for my holiday shopping.)