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Ikea – Yes or No?

Ikea: yes or no?

I've heard conflicting things. The nearest store is a two-hour drive (with the upside that we can eat at Monte Cello's on the way home).

P.S. For a seven-year-old's room.

3 Responses to "Ikea – Yes or No?"

  1. Yes. If you're unlucky you might have a few glitches, like a missing screw or a damaged part, but their customer service is top notch.

    And anyway, there in the U.S., a two-hour drive is what you do to get a coffe, no? 😀

  2. We own quite a bit of IKEA merchandise, and there are deals to be had. Your reaction to the store and products probably depends on what you would otherwise buy:
    . if you are looking for inexpensive, self-assembled furniture (and to some extent other household goods) it's hard to beat IKEA.
    . if you are looking to build a customized storage solution (e.g. wall of clothes storage, bookshelf + entertainment center, garage-storage) it's hard to beat IKEA.
    . if you are looking for long-lasting (minimum 3-5 years) items with moving parts (drawers, latches, doors, etc.) you need to be really careful to vet the materials and construction. Stay away from anything with particle-board in moving parts (drawers, etc.) and beware drawers with cam & bolt locking. Watch out for thin wood sides, even if they're not particle board (1/4" wood sides on a dresser are easy to crack).

    Here are some of my favorite IKEA products:
    . Solid pine adjustable shelving (IVAR:
    . Birch work surfaces (add your own legs (VIKA BYSKE: )-- makes a great computer desk.

    Note.. none of these are really for a kid's bedroom... 😉

  3. I've owned a lot of IKEA furniture, and I've been very happy with most of it. At the store be careful to inspect how things are put together and what materials are used. Their really cheap stuff is crap, but some of their higher end stuff is pretty decent, especially given how inexpensive it is.