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Jesper wrote this in 2008 regarding OmniWeb. Things haven't changed much since then, and OmniWeb 6 is vaporware, so Jesper's taking things into his own hands with "Rouse."

Rouse is an attempt to create a new Mac OS X web browser that steals the best bits from OmniWeb for its user interface, adds some well-needed hooks to the interior to customize rendering and loading, and otherwise stays away from scope creep as far as possible. It is an open source project doing the sort of thing that open source projects have proven to be enormously successful at.

I wish Jesper the best, and I hope he continues to ping me on AIM when he's thinking of something so that I can continue to brainstorm with him. In fact, though he's clearly been considering doing Rouse for a long time, I think me telling him to do it may have served as the final straw in his decision to start the project.

One Response to "Rouse"

  1. There was sort of a sense of impending doom about that day, yes.

    I wouldn't even call OmniWeb 6 'vaporware' if we're going by the definition of "software that's been announced but hasn't shipped". It hasn't been announced either.

    I should also note that the last sentence of that quote can be misinterpreted. I didn't write it as "this project is guaranteed to succeed" as much as "I know everyone will think I'm nuts, but really, for all the hard work that has to go into something like this, it has some things potentially stacked in its favor".

    So far, I'm pretty pleased with the level of support and progress. Some people will see the project as dead until there's source in the repository and while I don't want to stop anyone from hacking, I also don't want to commit just anything. I think I'm already ahead of my schedule, and in due time that will become clear.