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Gutter Replacement, Repair, LeafGuard

One of the gutters on my house has started to pull away from the house itself. Winter is tough on gutters, and this one's been bad for awhile now. All of the clips that hold the far side of the gutter to the near side are broken, so water just collects in the middle and then pours over the side.

I'm considering the LeafGuard system of aluminum gutters. They look fine, but I've read some good and bad things about them. I have no doubt that they'll keep larger debris out of the gutter, but the small stuff - including spring-time buds and the small gravel-like pieces that come from the roof shingles - will still be able to get in. And then how do you clean them? They say you don't have to, but that's just because they'll come clean them for you.

There are all sorts of screens and filters, but frankly it's not that hard to clean my first-floor gutters. The second floor, sure, but we haven't had any issues with those gutters (knock on wood).

Perhaps we can just have the gutter repaired. Re-attach it, replace the clips, and go.

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