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Gutter Repair/Replacement Costs

Following up on yesterday's post, the estimates are:

$80 to repair the gutter. The guy who came explained that this was basically a minimum charge.

$96 to replace the one bad gutter.

$442 (includes $50 coupon) to replace all of the gutters on the entire house.

$1590 for a thing that's written up as "LEAF-FREE". It's still the same idea as LeafGuard but I'm fairly certain it's not LeafGuard™ with the ™ if you know what I mean.

The contractor did say that in nine years he's never had to clean a gutter.

I think the $96 option is the way to go. The other gutters aren't seamless but they're not leaking so far as we know. The $442 option might work just to keep the gutters looking the same and to "upgrade" to new hangers and a seamless gutter.

The $1590 option isn't likely.

P.S. We have about 120 feet of gutters.