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Five Guys to Erie

Five Guys (Burgers and Fries) is apparently coming to Erie. Along with Chipotle, yippeee!!!!

The food options in Erie were just upgraded about 2000%.

5 Responses to "Five Guys to Erie"

  1. Five Guys is awesome.

    1. In-N-Out has better burgers. Five Guys still wins on fries.

    2. [quote comment="62762"]In-N-Out has better burgers. Five Guys still wins on fries.[/quote]

      I agree, but since we don't have a choice in Erie of getting In-N-Out and likely never will, that's a moot point for all of us. 😉

  2. Chipotle rocks! Never had a Five Guys though. I don't think there's one even remotely close to LA.

    1. @ aaron i've never had chipotle, what is that? But i can tell you that five guys burgers and fries.. is delicious.. and i'm sure that there is one around L.A just look it up online, if not i'm sure it's worth the drive (: