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The Talent Code

I've been reading the book The Talent Code and have recently finished.

The basic idea is that talent - skill - is something we can all learn, and that the best way to do so is via what the author dubbed "deep practice."

Deep practice involves taking things in chunks, going slowly (often, but not always), and operating at the edges of our abilities. It involves continuously making and correcting small errors.

I began reading the book to help me learn about how I might best teach golfers, and while I think I've benefitted there, I think I've also benefitted as a parent and as a person who still has his own talents to continue to develop.

The book is long on talk (though not a long book) and short on actually sharing information. I finished the book somewhat disappointed, but upon further reflection I think it's easily worth the cost and that the benefits will add up again as I re-read the book or re-skim the book. I think most of my early disappointment stems from my notion that the book would be more "how to" than "how it is."

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