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Parental Common Sense on Big Bang Theory

DirecTV has a new "Parental" thing which uses common sense media to let parents know about the shows.

Big Bang Theory is rated "Iffy for 13+" ((Does that mean it's not iffy for 13 and under?)) and carries with it the following descriptive blocks:

Parents Need to Know:
Parents need to know that htere's a fair amount of sexual innuendo in this sitcom about a group of socially dysfunctional geniuses who start up a friendship with their pretty female neighbor. Expect references to masturbation as well as words like "penis" and "coitus" amid the scientifically oriented dialogue. The characters are somewhat stereotypical; the guys' "nerdiness" is evidenced by their love of science fiction, abstract theoretical discussions, and inability to talk to women, while Penny exhibits a lot of "blonde bimbo" traits.

Families can talk about the characteristics typically associated with intelligent people - particularly in the media. What do terms like "geek" and "nerd" really mean? Are they intended to be insulting or a recognition of someone's intelligence? Families can also discuss whether stereotypes are ever appropriate. Although sitcom writers often use stereotypes to create humor (and sometimes call attention to intolerance), do they ever go too far?

Although it's clear that the main guys are good people who just haven't developed the ability to interact with anyone outside of their comfort zone, there's a lot of stereotyping - both within their group (they love sci-fi and can't talk to women) and on Penny's side of the hall (she exhibits dumb, "bimbo-like" behavior). Raj is Asian; the rest of the cast is Caucasian. Secondary characters of various racial/ethnic backgrounds are occasionally visible.

Comical references to some rough behavior; a confrontation with Penny's ex-boyfriend leads to some violence, but the incident isn't shown.

Some sexual innuendo. Clear references to masturbation, and characters use words like "penis," "coitus," and "Mac Daddy." Leonard and Sheldon visit a sperm bank. Subtle reference to a homosexual relationship. Penny appears wearing only a towel; Leonard and Sheldon are seen in their underwear.

Words include "bitch," "bastard," "hell," "damn," etc. - though a fair amount of the "swearing" is made up of scientific jargon.

References to sci-fi shows and films and characters, including Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Battlestar Galactica, and Klingons. Sheldon wears a Flash Gordon T-shirt. Penny works at the Cheesecake Factory. The show's theme song is by the band Bare Naked Ladies.

Drinking, drugs, & smoking:
References to alcohol, although the guys seem to prefer juice boxes, soda, and bottled water.

Consumerism? Really? Though I did like the part about how cursing is all scientific and the guys prefer juice boxes. 😛